Statement from GOP Congressman Todd Platts on Senate Fiscal Cliff Bill Compromise

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“The passage of ‘The American Tax Relief Act of 2012’ (H.R. 8) is an important first step toward a comprehensive bipartisan solution to our nation’s imminent fiscal crisis. Importantly, this legislation provides for permanent lower tax rates for 99% of individuals, families, and small businesses, prevents the alternative minimum tax from wrongly increasing taxes on more than thirty million middle-class taxpayers, better protects family farms and other family owned businesses from the onerous death tax, and locks in lower capital gains and dividend tax rates to bolster economic growth.

At the same time, H.R. 8 generates additional federal revenues from our nation’s wealthiest individuals.  H.R. 8 is not perfect.  While this legislation provides certainty for individuals and businesses alike regarding tax policy, its unfortunate failure to address significant spending reforms, especially at a time when our nation is more than $16 trillion in debt, is deeply regrettable.  The passage of H.R. 8 will hopefully serve as a starting point for substantive and successful bipartisan negotiations addressing out-of-control federal government spending that is clearly unsustainable in the long-term.”

Bob Reilly
Deputy Chief of Staff
U.S. Congressman Todd Platts (PA-19)


  • Dave L.

    What a joke. The tax situation could have been dealt with after the 1st reversing it all anytime before the end of 2013 !! Without the Cuts is spending we are just going deeper !! And the taxes on the highest income earners will cause them to leave the Country just like In England !! Guess they don't believe history repeats itself !!!

  • Guest

    Republicans always compromise with Democrats, but Dems force their agendas through whenever possible. Get a backbone, Platts–vote against a bad bill and show integrity.

  • Jim

    For Rep Platts to be 1 of 80 voting against his caucus is shameful. I supported Rep Platts and found today, he will compromise on principles and add nearly 4 Trillion to the deficit. I expect he will make the same arguments when he further compromises in 60 days when the debt ceiling argument is made. I will lobby to rid him as well as Sen Toomey.

    • ken

      A little late, Jim. Since you don't pay attention, Platts is leaving in about two days. He is retiring. As to Senator Toomey. Lobby all you like but, voting is the way to go.

  • Todd

    For a tax on wages, Dave L,, the question is where is the job. If it is in the US the holder pays taxes on his/her wages period. And don't give me the job creator BS. Bush came close to reducing the world to barter trade. Now the Tea baggers want to finish the job. Foreign investors hold $5 trillion of the $13 trillion in US debt. Jim wants to get to 0 overnight.

  • jim

    It's interesting to read the comments of the extreme right. They apparently would prefer the US to not pay its bills, and return to the social system of 1890. Or maybe they just want the parts of government that help them directly to stay funded, and everyone else go hang

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