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York City Woman Charged after Biting Police Officers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A York City woman faces multiple charges after a violent confrontation with police in West York Borough.  The incident began at around 1:37 in the afternoon on New Year’s day at the Giant Foods in the 1200 block of West Market Street.  Borough police were called to the scene for a report of two disorderly suspects, a man and woman.  The couple was causing a disturbance and refusing demands to leave the property.

Police say the married couple had been in store the day before and cashed a money order. They returned on Tuesday to buy groceries.  However the couple alleged that the Giant store had given them a counterfeit $20 bill during their previous visit. They attempted to exchange the counterfeit bill for an authentic bill.  The Giant Store management refused.  The couple became angry, particularly the woman, identified as 27-year-old Johanny Rodriguez.  Rodriguez, yelled at employees, berating them with foul language and starting pounding on counter tops.

While speaking with Rodriguez and her husband and hearing their concerns about being able to feed their children and claiming to have no money to buy food for their children, one officer offered to pay for the food to feed their family.   For some unknown reason, Rodriguez refused the offer and became more irate and belligerent. She began yelling and hitting counter tops again. She ignored warnings by officers  to stop and she became even louder.

In response to her continual erratic and hostile behavior she was advised that she was under arrest for Disorderly Conduct and ordered to leave the store. She refused and began pushing, kicking and punching officers who were attempting to escort her from the store. During the ensuing scuffle she managed to bite each officer on their hands. The officers were forced to use a taser to subdue her, but she was still able to fight.

She was taken to Central Booking and arraigned on charges of Aggravated & Simple Assault, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct.  The injuries suffered by the police officers did not require medical treatment.


  • cc

    I bet this is from the police perspective. Hope the news get a security cam to show what REALLY happened. Real sad wypd.

  • Lauren

    I witnessed this and posted statuses on facebook. This is a totally inaccurate story. This is NOT what happened.

    • Matt at FOX43

      It seems like you don’t have very many facts. Please wait for the police to complete their investigation.

  • Lauren

    This is what I posted…..

    Today, I did my usual shopping at my favorite grocery store, the ghetto Giant on West Market Street in York. I hate shopping, so I decided to stock up so I didn't have to return in a day or two. In any event, I was outside getting another cart, when I noticed two WY police cars pulling up. I didn't think anything of it, after all…It is the ghetto Giant. I resumed shopping for toilet paper, when all of a sudden, I heard a loud commotion and what I thought was the sound of someone getting beat. I ran over to the dairy aisle, towards the noise, and witnessed two large officers trying to wrestle a Spanish lady to the ground. They asked her to get on the ground, which she responded that she did not understand English. These officers literally beat her to the ground, kicked the side of her and used a tazer on her five times. This all happened around two little children, who were hysterically crying. I am not sure if they were her children, but they obviously knew her. When the police officers finally pulled her up, her face was a bloody freaking mess. She was not able to walk properly and basically had to be dragged to the police car. I was screaming, as were other patrons. The officers looked right at me and told me, "shut the F*** up and get out of the way." I was never so disgusted in my entire life. It actually reminded me of those civil rights movies we were made to watch in HS and college. I just can't get over witnessing something like that in person. Oh, when everything calmed down, I heard that the lady had opened a box of diapers and took four out of the pack. She also was found with two sticks of butter. Excessive, much?????


    • Abby

      If you didn't witness the confrontation leading up to what you saw, how in the world can you say the police officers weren't acting appropriately? It is people like you spreading viscious rumors without witnessing the entire event who ruin the reputations of good cops. I'm not saying whether they were right or wrong – because obviously I wouldn't know since I wasn't there. Clearly – you don't know enough either to be making such malicious claims.

  • Chuck

    Lauren you say you aren't surprised that WYBPD was at the store, because it is the "ghetto Giant" yet your surprised that someone was being arrested who tried to scam the store (costing you money for the loss and increase in prices) then acted out of control and the police tried to pay for her goods out of the kindness of their hearts to pacify the situation and then she decides to assault them. The police are held to a higher standard Lauren.. if they do something such as an escalation of force (police presence – words – physical involvement – baton – pepper spray – taser – gun [see how they get worse to match the response best to match the cause of what is out of line?] they do what they need to do to control the situation. You can't make up charges to charge people with based off what you want. She had counterfeit money, assaulted two officers of the law and caused disorder and was a threat to the people in the store. ENOUGH SAID. Get out from under your rock and appreciate the fact that the police had to deal with her and not you. This is why you find cops in a bad mood. They deal with EVERYONE's problems ontop of their own at times. Respect would go a lot farther then rumors. Educate yourself and stop spreading more hate.

  • Lauren

    There is no doubt that those police officers were probably having a bad day. Everyone has a bad day from time to time and people do and say things that are inappropriate all of the time. No one is perfect; and for God Sake's, police officers are human too. I honestly can say that I would not want their job. Recognizing our own humanity and mistakes are the first steps toward making things right. Imagine how beneficial it would be if the officers could say, "hey, perhaps we made a poor judgement call. Let's learn from this so that is doesn't happen again." Can you imagine how much more respect we would all have with one another? I recognize whole heartily the divide in our society. I can honestly say that by reporting what I saw, it was never my intention to promote intolerance and hate towards anyone OR their profession.

  • Stacey

    There are always two sides to every story. The actual truth is usually somewhere in the middle. No doubt the police felt they were justified in using the force they did. No doubt Giant employees did what they thought was right when they called police. No doubt, in her mind, the woman thought she was right. I find it hard to believe that more couldn't have been done to keep things from getting out of hand. There is no excuse for those children having to witness this. There is no excuse for other patrons of the store to witness this. I hope the situation leads to Giant and the police reexamining their policies and procedures. I hope that children and youth gets involved in making sure the children get what they need to thrive. I hope the woman learns to play by the rules, and find help.

    What I don't recall seeing in the news piece is reaction from store officials and comments from people who witnessed what happened. Unfortunately, all too often the media reports what the police report says. I know this first hand. I was a reporter. I cannot say it is entirely the media's fault, though. Most of the time store/corporate officials refuse to comment and store employees are discouraged from talking to the media. Many bystanders don't want to or won't comment on camera or allow a reporter to use their names. All that's left is the police report, which may or may not be accurate. As pointed out in earlier comments, police officers are human. They make mistakes. They do the best they can in the moment. It's got to be one of the toughest jobs out there. But, they write down the witnesses statements. They write down what they felt happened. It's a subjective account of what happened, not an objective report.

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