Divorce Resort Provides Luxury During a Difficult Time

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A Texas woman has a relaxing way for couples to get a divorce.  The idea is called divorce resort.   They can relax while ending their marriage.  Daryl Weinman, an attorney, got the idea from a place in the Netherlands.  For a flat fee ranging from $3,300 on up, people can check in and get a divorce within three days.  Couples get to choose their luxurious location, then sign an agreement they will leave with a legally binding settlement after three days.  Soon to be ex-husbands and wives stay in separate rooms and never have to see each other if they don’t want to.  Weinman serves as the mediator.  She says she’s done hundreds of cases.  If either party hits a breaking point, they can go to the spa or golf to unwind.  Weinman says it works best for those who have been married a long time, have a lot to sort through and want to avoid a courtroom.

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