HACC VP charged with stealing over $200K from school

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woman1-3A former Executive Vice President at Harrisburg Area Community College is charged with stealing approxiamately $228,000 from the school over a five year period. According to court documents, Nancy Rockey worked at HACC for 31 years. The first hint the school got that Rockey was up to something was in February of 2012, when she put a $4,000 charge on her college-issued credit card. When confronted about the charge, Rockey agreed to reimburse the school, which she did. By the end of February, however, additional red flags had been raised and a 3-year audit was conducted.

The audit revealed multiple unauthorized expenditures, including purchases of gift cards for Target and Amazon.com. Large numbers of textbooks were allegedly purchased that never showed up in the school book store, never showed up at any HACC campus, never were distributed to staff or faculty. The fraudulent transactions totalled over $200,000. The audit was extended to 2007 and 2008, and more fraudulent charges were discovered.

Rockey used school money to pay her own personal bills like her utilities and her Verizon wireless bills. She bought an i-Pad for herself. In an interview with investigators in early December 2012, Rockey admitted to misappropriating the funds.

Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico says, “Stealing funds from an institution as important as HACC is to this community id reprehensible.”

Rockey was arraigned and freed on $250,000 bail. She was ordered by the court to surrender her passport and not leave the state.


  • Linda Jackson

    If she admitted to STEALING last month, then why were the first news reports worded so carefully? The word STEALING was not used. The word "misused" was repeatedly used. Let's call a spade a spade. She STOLE over $200,000.00 of the college's funds. These people are supposed to be role models for our youth. She is pathetic and so is the former School District of Lancaster principal who FORGED her late husband's signature on a will. Where have honesty and ethics gone? How sad.

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