Sinkhole Grows on Harrisburg Block

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A sinkhole that opened Monday in Harrisburg has grown into one giant sinkhole on 4th Street between Maclay and Woodbine. It started when a city garbage truck got stuck in the first sinkhole. As people were ringing in the New Year a second sinkhole collapsed and homes in the area were evacuated. The sinkhole then grew Thursday when crews were working on the site. A backhoe digging into the sinkhole caused it to expand. For now ,the city’s public works director says it’s not safe for people to return.

“ As soon as we’re comfortable we’re going to let them know. We don’t want anyone to be in harms way we have a lot of heavy equipment out here a lot of people would be more chance of fatality, we don’t want that we’re trying to fix what’s a bad situation,” says Kevin Hageric, Harrisburg Public Works Director

‪  Gas has been restored to the affected homes. But water and sewer will take longer than expected to be turned back on. Because both the water and sewer lines need to be replaced the city is working on installing temporary lines so people can return to their homes.The street isn’t expected to be fully repaired for another month.


  • jennyburger

    Be very worried, folks! This is being caused by melting hydrates and, as a result, hydrocarbons are rising to the surface, creating pockets of pressurized methane gas! We're currently seeing a lot of unexplained home/building explosions. The difference between natural gas and methane gas is easily identifiable…though you're not seeing honest reporting on the subject, from the media! Natural gas typically doesn't involve fire…whereas, methane is HIGHLY explosive, INCLUDING fire!

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