Inmates sue liquor companies

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liquorFive inmates in Idaho are claiming alcohol is the reason they are behind bars, and now they want liquor companies to pay up.

The men are suing eight major liquor and wine companies for one billion dollars.

They say they knew nothing of the addictive nature of alcohol when they started drinking, because there is no warning label.

They have been convicted for felonies ranging from manslaughter to grand theft to drug charges.

One of the men wrote that if he was not an alcoholic he never would have committed his crimes.


  • Kevin L.

    This guys will win. This make 100% sense and just like the warning labels that had to be put on tobacco products it should have been onalcohol as well. it has been a known fact for a LONG time that it is addictive, but, never stated. It is a crappy win that they will get, but, they have some validity in what they state.

  • Steve

    Thats like winning a suit over spilled coffee in your lap because YOU ARE to stupid to know better. Let me on the jury…………………………………morons lose.

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