Group wants school to take down portrait of Jesus

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jesusAn Ohio school is in the national spotlight over a portrait of Jesus hanging in its halls.

The picture has been displayed since 1947 and now one group wants the image taken down.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is urging the school to remove the picture because they say the school is endorsing Christianity over other faiths.

The superintendent and former students are now fighting for the portrait to stay up.

The school superintendent, Phil Howard said, “I believe in the cause, the principle and what the portrait stands for. For anyone to insinuate that this picture would cause someone to be excluded is really a reach, it’s not something we’re trying to force on any of our students.”

Howard also says the portrait was a gift from students and will stay up for now.

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  • Redneckrod

    Contrary to Obama says, this is a Christian Nation. That is a public School. Having a portrait of Jesus is not infringing on anyones religous freedom. We as a Christian nation must be tolerant of other religions and their beliefs. That does not mean that we should sacrific our own beliefs. Tolerance is not he same as sacrific. Minority and special interest groups have no grounds or rights to demand that we give up our faith.

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