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Man Climbs Storm Damaged Roller Coaster

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In Seaside Heights, New Jersey, a man climbs to the top of a roller coaster that was swept into the ocean during Superstorm Sandy.  He then raised an American flag.  When police arrived, the man, Christopher Angelo, walked down and got into their boat, where he was then handcuffed.  Angelo told reporters he wanted to raise awareness for shore recovery.  His mother says her son is a bit of a daredevil.


  • TammyT

    I agree with Sa1nt412, this guy did nothing wrong. Instead of the cops hand cuffing him why aren't they out busting the drug dealers or looking for those committing real crimes!

  • Ed L

    He will probably be hit with disorderly conduct. This really irks me! There's a lot of other things these cops could have been doing. But, this is NJ! What do you expect? If I had the money, I'd pay the guys fine!

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