Sandy victims upset with Allstate over claim, commercial

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A New York couple who lost their home in Superstorm Sandy say they’re not in good hands with their insurance company, Allstate.

Sheila and Dominic Triana lost their home of 43 years when strong winds from the storm tore the roof off and toppled the walls.

Allstate says the home was damaged by water from tidal surges associated with the storm system, not the winds. The Trainas don’t have flood coverage as part of their insurance plan, so the company mailed them a check for $10,000.

While the couple fights for more money from the company, what’s left of their home is featured in a national TV ad for Allstate that discusses the company’s caring customer service.

“Allstate used our house as a commercial that they have caring agents. Well, how caring could they be?” says Dominic Traina. “Insurance is supposed to be there for when you need them.”

Allstate released a statement about the ad, saying the company’s commercials follow all applicable advertising standards. The company also says it will continue working with those affected by the storm.


  • Debb

    I do not understand why people refuse to believe that homeowners insurance doesn't cover flood damage. The government pays for and runs commercials constantly explaining this. In Florida you need to have three types of insurance to cover hurricanes….homeowners, windstorm and flood. Why? If the roof blows off, its windstorm insurance, if the flood waters rise, it is flood insurance and homeowners is for everything else. If homeowners don't pay attention or choose to go without the proper coverage it is unfair to blame it on the insurance companies. Blaming someone else for your own mistakes is kinda childish. Costly, unfortunate, but childish. Flood insurance is dirt cheap by the way.

    • Bill

      You sound like an insurance agent, blame either the victim or God. I wish courts would have the fortitude to make insurance companies PROVE God caused an incident rather than allow them to forgo responsibility, even after taking your money, with inuendo.

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