Topic of the day: A new gym only accepts overweight people

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imagesFor a lot of people, especially those severely overweight, a gym setting can be terrifying and you may feel like people are staring at you or judging you.
So, one man in Chicago decided to tackle the problem head on and opened a gym only for the obese.
It`s called downsize fitness,  the thin, toned and muscular are not allowed.  This gym is solely for people who need to lose at least fifty pounds and  the goal is to create an environment that`s free from judgement.

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  • stephanie tracey

    I feel that this is a wonderful idea an i know from personal experience with struggling with being overweight, it is hard and can be overwhelming to go to a gym where u are one of the few ppl there who are heavier then most others in the room but i am embarrassed to exercise in front of others this is why i dont attend a local gym. to others it may seem a bit silly but for ppl like me it is a normal but unless u walk the path that us heavy ppl do to it may be hard for u to understand where we come from . my point being there are plenty of gyms out there for others to join but not near enough of gyms like this one i wish they had some of these her where i live. I hope this gym works out so that others can be excited to join a gym as well an loose weight

  • JQP1172

    I understand the reasoning for a gym for "overweight" people BUT still a strange business model. Why, I'll explain? You are >50 pounds overweight, you join and low and behold over a 6 mo – 1 yr or more period you are successful and lose all the weight. In fact you go beyond losing all the weight and become an athlete. Are you no longer accepted at the gym? Are you shown the door?

    I read a similar article on another website and commented about how I personally was >100 lbs overweight and through hard work and dedication lost all the weight and now 6+ years later I resemble an amateur bodybuilder. As a formerly overweight person who has struggled with it all my life I am the success story a gym such as this should WANT as a member yet if I walked in there now I would be pre-judged as a meathead and shown the door. Again they say the devil is in the details, I would love to know some of the details and how they would treat someone such as myself.

  • Richard Carlsen

    Just a marketing scheme. Weight is lost based on the food you eat; not time on the treadmill. Only sense-able way to loose that much weight is to switch to a plant base diet, cutting out all meat and all dairy.

  • Does medifast work

    Gaining weight can’t be possible overnight it caused due to several possible factors such as unhealthy diet and recipes and less physical workout program. As a result we gain weight and afterwards we rush towards gym to lose weight but here we have found a different concept that a new gym that only accepts overweight people.

  • Talia W. Brooks

    This their business model that seem to work. Obese people in working out together does not feel too self-conscious. They took the formula of the biggest loser reality TV.

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