Cat recovering after being shot with bow and arrow

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Susquehanna Regional Police are trying to figure out who shot a one-year-old cat in the head with a bow and arrow in Conoy Township, Lancaster County.

The attack happened just before midnight Dec. 22.

Mack’s owners rushed him to a veterinary hospital where the doctor found the arrow had barely missed his brain.

“It’s somebody that has a sick personality and they need to be brought back on their haunches, and get help if that’s what it is,” said Jean Kissinger, Mack’s owner.

Mack has been back home for a couple weeks and is doing well for the most part, Kissinger said. Because of where the arrow struck him, he likely will have sinus issues for the rest of his life.

Kissinger’s son saw someone on their property at the same time they discovered the cat had been injured. But, so far police have been unable to track that person down.

“And then there are studies out there that show a pattern of people that are abusive toward animals, it leads to other things too,” said Lt. Stephen Englert.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 717-426-1164.


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