Congress rates less favorable than cockroaches

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rid-cockroaches-1Congress has earned quite a title, one of the most hated things in America, even beating out colonoscopies and used car sales men! The 112th congress, which ended its term a few weeks ago, is now on record to being the least productive ever!

Add that to their frequent vacation days and constant political wrangling and apparently Americans have had it. In a new study, about 800 people were asked if they have a higher opinion of either congress  or a series of unpleasant or disliked things.

So, what ranked higher than congress? Root canals, colonoscopies , used car salesmen, Donald trump and even the NFL’s replacement referees!

On a positive note, our political leaders weren’t the lowest on the totem pole, coming in below them:¬† gonorrhea, Fidel Castro, meth labs and the Kardashians.

For a complete list of Congress’s popularity check out:

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  • Eyes Wide Open

    It takes time and effort to research a politician's TRUE past performance. So most voters just watch a few biased political ads & vote on that. Others just vote a straight ticket ASSUMING that the candidates will do a good job based on party recommendation. When a person who hasn't done a successful job in the past four years comes up for re-election, the public has the opportunity to replace them, BUT if the downward spiral of the economy, job market, etc hasn't hit them in the pocket personally they turn a blind eye & keep them in office. The American voters have no right to complain about Congress. YOU put them there & YOU kept them there. If they are the worst Congress in history let the blame fall where it should, on YOU!

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