Pickup crashes into school bus carrying 33 students in Adams County

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A bus carrying 33 students from Bermudian Springs High School was hit by a pick-up truck around 3 o’clock this afternoon after the driver lost control. The bus was hit head on and it went up an embankment and flipped over.

Of the 33 students on the bus, ten were taken to area hospitals, including three students and the bus driver who were taken to York Hospital.

The most severe injury a student received was a cut to the head. Meanwhile, the driver of the truck suffered what Reading Township Police officer William Ceravola called ‘a possible broken back’.

Ceravola says this could have been a lot worse saying, “This is the first accident I’ve seen like this in this area, of this magnitude”.

As for the 23 other students, they were taken back to Bermudian Springs High School to wait for their parents to pick them up.


  • a friend

    What do you consider a serios injury if apparently a broken back is not serious in your eyes. Think someone might want to follow up with the rest of the story. call york hospital & check on the driver of the pickup.

  • ken

    Properly read, the story indicated no serious injuries ON THE SCHOOL BUS. The P/U driver;s injury was a separate paragraph.

    I am starting to get concerned about so many people losing control of their vehicles. Teen killed on rt 15 lost control. Man killed in Rapho Twp lost control. Woman killed last week lost control. Now this accident was caused by losing control. I could go on but, the pattern is clear.

  • Danny

    Music, GPS, cell phones. It is a new age for driving. Get used to these stories of mysterious "losing control". They're going to be normal.
    Reports now are that the pickup truck had very bald tires. Choices. Just like the kids are taught. Driver made a bad choice if the reports are true. Unfortunately, he would not pay for such a bad choice based on what could have resulted with 34 other people on that bus but rather will pay lesser consequences based on what actually resulted.
    Oh, and should the bald tire thing be true, please don't call this an accident. It was fate. A wreck. Not an accident.

    • cwilson

      Honestly, the drivers are not always to blame. My husband is a truck driver and he has worked for some pretty shifty companies – they refused to fix trucks and expected him to work double shifts in clear violation of DOT regulations. Some employers are just cheap and negligent. That being said, if he was an owner/operator, then it would be his responsibility.

  • a current bus driver

    As a current school bus driver (16 years), I must say-to all the parents out there concerned-this is why we do not have seat belts on the busses. They have done studies, and it proves that seat belts on busses would be more dangerous. THINK about it..if everyone had seatbelts on, and the bus is turned over, everyone would be upside down-the belts would be taunt on their bodies…what if the bus caught fire..it takes 2 minutes-just 2 minutes for a bus to be engulfed with flames-many lives would be lost with in that time. So you wonder, what if the driver had a main switch in the front to release all the belts..well, if that part of the bus is damaged, what if the switch didnt work…what if the driver is knocked out-there is no one to release the button. You need to THINK of all the possibilities that could happen…on a big vehicle, carrying that many ppl, (the state says the capacity is 72 persons) it is just too dangerous to HAVE seatbelts. Hope everyone recovers and all is well. GOD BLESS.

  • Danny

    I second the above. I am a 26 year school bus driver. A head-on with a pickup and no serious injuries on this bus (with overturning) shows that the design of buses is as safe as can be without seat belts. Sure, we school bus drivers would love for the children to be belted in with their bottoms down and backs to the back, but general wreck safety is more important than keeping them sitting in the perfect position without bothering the children in other seats.

    The results of this wreck were textbook with children escaping through the rear exit and window exits without major injury.

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