Chambersburg’s Wilson College to admit undergraduate men

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Sunday’s vote to start admitting undergraduate men to Chambersburg’s Wilson College is one that will change the school’s history.”We don’t feel that Wilson should go co-ed. We all chose it for a women’s college because of what it offered women,” said Heather Weeks, who graduated in 1995.

It’s a decision that most of Wilson’s students and alumni are not happy about.”I’m really angry. I didn’t think they were going to be this stupid. They’re saying they’re going to keep this as a women-focused college. How? It’s coed, they’re going to make it co-ed,” said Christina Lawes, who graduated in 1981.

The question of whether or not the school would go co-ed has been a hot issue with students on campus for months. Banners protesting the move still hang outside some of the school’s busiest buildings.What we are opposed to is the change in the mission of a women’s college,” said Samantha Ainuddin, who graduated in 1994.

Going co-ed is one of several measures the board approved Sunday to increase enrollment and get a better financial footing. Wilson currently has fewer than 700 students and is $31 million in debt.”We know it’s an emotional issue. But looking at where we were and where we wanted to go we just felt that was the right decision,” said John Gibb, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

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