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The places where you’ll find the most germs

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We all know germs are everywhere; at the office, in the bathroom, even at the gas station. Flu germs are causing a record number of cases all across the country. So, researchers are studying where those germs are lurking and you might be surprised where they found them.
Refrigerator handles, microwaves, tv remotes, light switches, door handles and keyboards are just a few of the places you’ll find germs since communal spaces harbor bacteria. It is surprising though how many germs can be found in places you’d never think. The A-T-M is one place, and that public mailbox may have a special delivery you don’t want. But, by far the germiest place according to the new study is the  gas pump handle.
Doctors say no matter where you might pick up a bug, there’s one sure fire way to make it hard for them to get you down, wash your hands. They say the friction in the warm soapy water helps to kill germs so really wash them vigorously.
It’s just another thing to think about as you go about your day, but staying healthy is worth it and it’s a message many people seem to be getting.

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  • Gas Bud-E

    Gas pumps are the filthiest surface we touch. 71% of germs contaminating gas pump handles can even cause pneumonia.Take action with Gas Bud-E.

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