Elderly man arrested for stealing firewood in Cumberland County

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Hurley E. Kline

An elderly  man was arrested Monday  and accused of stealing firewood in Cumberland County. Hurley E. Kline, 74, of Mechanicsburg, was charged with  theft by unlawful taking and harassment.

Silver Spring Township police say Kline stole the firewood from a home along the 1100 block of West Trindle Road.

Kline was taken to Cumberland County Prison for processing.




  • Ron

    really , they processed him & let him go…. he threaten to kill the lady of the house with 3 small children, but they processed & released him people like him need to be behind bars or in a mental hospital. He is nuts & this is not the first time he has tried to hurt someone

  • tracey

    This man knew exactly what he was doing… The wood was being stolen so it could be resold. He has been ask to leave many establishments in the area due to his violent behavior and also the treat of killing someone who makes him mad. He is well known by the local police department . So due to the fact that the reporter used the word Ederly in the headline everyone has jumped to the conclusion he was poor and needed it to keep warm which is so far from the truth… I just hope that he does not seriously follow thru with the treats he has made to numerous people .

  • Cnb

    Check out pa ujs portal. You can find criminal record there. I care for elderly people everyday …age has nothing to do with his criminalistics behaviors. We don't need to feel sorry for such a person. Criminals come in all ages..this one happens to be older and should be treated like other criminals irrespective of his age.

    • Neighbor

      As a neighbor knowing all the run ins with the law this man has had, I cannot believe he is still driving on the road. He is known by every police in Cumberland County as well as other counties around Central Pa.

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