Controversy over a proposed Chipotle in Chocolatetown

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Things heating up in the Sweetest Place on Earth over a proposed development of a Chipotle along Chocolate Avenue in Hershey. A York based realty group wants to build the Mexican restaurant along the 200 block of the busy road. At Wednesday nights Township Zoning meeting people came out to voice their opinions on the proposal. Those who are opposed say they want to preserve the downtown historic feel. Those who are in favor of it say it will be a great addition to Hershey and would bring more foot traffic to other businesses.    The meeting lasted over three hours and will be continued next  month. The zoning board then has 45 days to make a decision.


  • Bobbi

    i think Hershey only wants Hershey owned business, they want to monopolize the whole town!!! That is why i stopped going to the park. They charge way to much to get into that park to stand in hour long lines.

  • MMChipotleMM

    Houlihans and Devon kind of ruin the downtown feel for me….sure they are sit down restaurants but I bet MOST of those opposed have never been IN a chipotle….they are VERY nice and it would increase the foot traffic in the area. I would be a customer for sure.

    If its not owned by Hershey then it can not go in. Simple as that.

  • Angie

    Taking from the context of this article, the opposition wants to "preserve the downtown historic feel". HA! I grew up in Hershey and what was "historic" is gone and replaced with modern day architecture which completely lacks in historic workmanship. The "historic" is long gone with the Cocoa Inn, Bowman's, the Soda Fountain, the Community Center and the latest 19 East!!! The factory that put Hershey on the map!! And you worry about preserving Chocolate Avenue???? Chocolate Avenue is long gone and what you really want is to restructure and redesign what you think it was like yesturyear into what you think it should be today. Sorry folks but Hershey is no longer a hometown. It has lost it's feel and it's comfort.

  • Angie

    [Continued] Hershey is no longer the sweetest place on earth. Hershey is just another tourist town…so why not feed them? Why not have another restaurant on what used to be a residential road and is now a commercialized restaurant/bar row? Like those who are in favor state in the article, it will bring more foot traffic for the other businesses. Oh but wait! Could it be that the opposition may be Herco? Another business in the business district that is not owned by Herco may very well take some revenue from them. Hmmmm. Really though, I would like to know what is the true underlying reason for the opposition to this restaurant? I hope no one has their eye on that spot for another lame attempt at building another "historic" (look alike) building that clearly has no evidence of the workmanship done by those who built with their souls.

  • Geo

    What needs to happen is the Hershey Trust release/sell an section of land along HersheyPark Drive where a golden mile of tourist based restarants could be built. Period.

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