Governor, House Democrats Remain at Odds in Lottery Battle

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Governor Tom Corbett says he is committed to growing Lottery funding for senior programs, and says he finds it alarming that the House Democratic caucus is promoting mistruths in an effort to work against a proposal that will deliver $3 billion to $4.5 billion of new revenue for programs benefitting older Pennsylvanians. Corbett is responding to claims made by Democratic leaders in a press conference this morning at the Capitol.

Democrats raised several questions about the proposed privatization; including how keno and Internet access to lottery games will impact the state’s casinos and the property tax relief they provide, why there has been but one bidder to take over the lottery, Camelot Golbal Services PA, LLC, even the legality of the whole process.

“Pennsylvania has the most successful state lottery in the nation. It earned record profits last year and is on track to exceed that this year,” said Democratic Leader Frank Dermody. “It is certainly not broken, so why is the governor so intent on handing it over to a foreign corporation?

“This is a boondoggle from the get-go,” said Representative Mike Sturla, of Lancaster. “Judging by the jam-packed attendance at Monday’s Senate hearing on this topic there is warranted public concern in lottery privatization,” said Democratic Policy Chairman Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster. “People have serious concerns regarding the transferring of a thriving state asset that generated millions of dollars for senior programs last year to a foreign private firm accountable only to profiteers with little oversight.”

“Our goal is to increase funding for senior programs so that we can ensure that as Pennsylvania’s senior population grows, we will be able to keep up with that need,” Corbett said. “Camelot’s bid commits to record-level profit growth for the Pennsylvania Lottery, translating to billions of dollars for seniors.”


  • hjb

    Corbett must be lining up work for when he loses his next election…oh thats right he already has a job with the natural gas people who he did not tax or the refinery that he gave a multi million dollar tax break to

  • hjb

    Corbett is taking lessons from Mitt—outsourcing jobs and profits to England. Wait until the truth about this move comes out iun a few years Why didn"t he go after Sandusky earlier when he could have stopped him????????

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