Guns selling out

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In the wake of President Obama’s Speech on Wednesday people are scrambling to buy guns.  He is proposing a number of bans, including on assault-style rifles and high-caliber magazines.  Many local gun shops are out of these items. Others are holding on to what they have left.  

“We’ve been out of the black rifles, tactical rifles, shotguns and now we get very few and they are far between. Ammunition as well, we’ve had to limit the sales,” says Horseshoe Pike Gun Shop owner Jim Heverling. 

Retired State Trooper Mark Amato is a certified firearms training instructor with MSA Tactical, LLC. He says a ban on these items is not the answer. “Criminals don’t follow the rules. They will obtain things however they want to obtain things either by stealing or buying them illegally. Somebody with three or four, ten round magazines can put as many rounds down range almost as quickly as somebody with a 30 round magazine.”

Heverling agrees. “Safety is an issue. Parents being responsible for having guns secured in a way that youngsters can’t get to them. And people that would have some emotional issues cannot get to them. Maybe a parent needs to make that decision,” says Heverling.  “I don’t believe the magazine capacity would solve anything. I don’t believe that taking black rifles from people will solve the problems that we got.


  • Adam

    The ban also includes making gun trafficking illegal and background checks on people wanting to buy guns. And although the ban on assault and tactical rifles may not have the direct solution to the gun epidemic, it will definitely make them harder to find, and even more expensive in places where these guns are used for crime. Besides, who needs an assault rifle for self-defense? If personal amusement is the issue, they should make it available to rent at gun ranges where it is safe.

    • LTC(Ret)

      Your problem is that you do not understand personal freedom beyond the things with which you agree. Safety has lees to do with the range and everything to do with the owner. The same could be said of roads and driving. What I need is none of your business.

    • tbc

      Who are you to determine what a person needs or wants for personal protection or recreation? Rent a firearm? You obviously have no clue about firearms. Im sitting in a room with a bunch of guys reading your comment and they are busting out laughing. Dork!

  • Bobbie

    just wanted to add my thoughts… already have to have backgrounds checks – if you have ever bought a gun then you know they make you fill out extensive paperwork and call the ATF / FBI for a background check to make sure you are ok to buy the gun…. most killings to include Sandy Hook were not done with any of the weapons on the ban list, they used hand guns…. criminals will always find a way to buy or steal ANY gun they want, these bans take them from LEGAL citizens…as far as why someone would need one, they aren'e NEEDED per say for self defense or home defense but some people enjoy range shooting and collecting…..and you can already rent them at the ranges to include machine guns etc….but if you are properly trained and cleared by the FBI then why take your rights away. These bans are only being put in place to shut the liberals up and if they all pass we will see in the future that the only ones affected are legal people – not criminals – guns dont kill people, people do – and that goes for knives, baseball bats and any other weapon of choice!

  • Harry Howald

    I have more of a question than a comment, Why is there a sudden shortage on amo? Is this some kind of government tatic? It's like the gaas shortage. gun control through amo shortage?I feel as though we are beeing shoved around in an underhanded manner. Please tell me I'm wrong. Harry

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