Harrisburg Mayor Thompson Attending President Obama’s Gun Control Presser

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Harrisburg Mayor Linda D. Thompson is in Washington this morning to attend a press conference with President Barack Obama as he announces his endorsement of the Mayors Again Illegal Guns plan for reducing automatic weapons across the nation. Mayor Thompson, who is advocating for a ban of military type weapons, issued the following statement:

“President Obama’s bold and comprehensive plan to end gun violence in this country is comprised of sensible solutions that people on all sides of this debate can agree upon. It’s now up to lawmakers in Congress to pass these measures that will help save lives. The American people won’t accept inaction any longer.”


  • rj the law

    looks as if this site has lost any nuts they may have had; though probably never did.

    they will give you the news they want you to have just as the mudstream media.

    this yet another plank of the communist manifesto.

    infowars.com……real news that is important, very important.

  • rj the law

    such idiocy.

    the only ones that will turn in any of their iron are your retarded sheep, whom will never be a problem to you anyhow.

    real americanos know the reason for the 2nd amendment.

  • guest

    "reducing automatic weapons" Really? The continuing lies coming from lame stream media outlets like this is nauseating…

    • LTC(Ret)

      The federal Fire Arms Act of 1934 already deals with automatic weapons. For Heaven's sake, educate yourself! Stop calling magazines "clips" as well. You just show your ignorance.

  • LTC(Ret)

    This is merely a distraction from the real problem. The problem is the criminal element rampant in Allison Hill. They have plenty of illegal weapons over there and they use them regularly. Thankfully, they don't have any of the "assault" weapons the failed Ms. Thompson is in Obamaville to tout. The violence in Harrisburg will continue and no amount of legislation will stop it. Pass total confiscation and it will still not stop

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