Colleges ranked by demand for “sugar daddies”

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sugar daddy

Dating website just published a list of colleges with the most female students seeking “sugar daddies.”

The website, which hooks up sugar daddies with so-called “sugar babies” to form what it calls “mutually rewarding relationships,” ranked Georgia State at the top of the list. New York University came in second, and Temple University, located just outside Philadelphia, came in third.


  • Jeremy

    My opinion: it is better to find cheap college or free one overseas, than sell your your body. something like that. But it is a different story if the students are the perverted one. We must impose morality to young students. money is not everything. Find the meaning of life…

  • Lilith2luv

    And just exactly HOW do they EXPLAIN how they got thru college to their KIDS?? Yeah, this way is just the way they'd want their own kids(esp. GIRLS)to FOLLOW! Not a whole lot better to STRIP your way thru college either! Funny how most men don't usually take the 'compromise my body and Self-RESPECT' route when trying to pay for school. Hmm

  • DemiK

    Get a clue! What's the difference between doing this and marrying a wealthy man? To oppose this is to oppose the way nature has operated forever. Women end up selling their bodies regardless of the label attached whether it be for love, attention, children or yes, financial security They are not doing this to support a drug habit ….. it's to get an education! Grow up people and stop being so judgemental. It's no ones business but their own.

  • Candelaria

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