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Middletown Triple Homicide to be featured on TV Show

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A Dauphin County murder case from ten years ago will be featured on a TV show on the Investigative Discovery Channel. The show, ‘ Nightmare Next Door’ will focus on the Christmas Eve deaths of a mother and her two chidlren killed by their estranged father in Middletown.

Officer Robert Givler was first on the scene of a triple homicide that rocked Middletown in 2002. Ernest Wholaver walked into his estranged wife`s home early morning Christmas Eve and shot her and his two daughters. He left his six-month-old granddaughter alive inside the house. Givler, has been telling this story for 10 years and now, the Investigative Discovery Channel wants to hear it for the show, “Nightmare Next Door.”

“They called and said would you do an interview, and I said, absolutely. That`s the only way to get through what I do is talk,” says  Officer Givler

Givler says he passes by the home often and is reminded of what he saw that day. He says ten years later there is  one thing about that day that still haunts him.

“ The house across the street is always so decorated for Christmas and there was snow and it was like a Norman Rockwell painting, and you just  turn around and there`s all this death and destruction,” says Givler

Ernest Wholaver is still on death row and is  a state prison in Green County.


  • Brian

    I lived right up the street from that house when that whole nightmare happened. It was always kinda spooky walking by there at night.

  • mary

    When will this show be on??????. I too lived in Middletown when this happened. I remember like it was yesterday.

  • Matt at FOX43

    It will be on Saturday, May 18, at 3PM on Investigation Discovery. Titled, "Murders Under the Mistletoe."

  • Brenda

    I was on this trial,,,I missed it last night,,will it be on again ? People that have posted sure deserve to see it,,and me too,,,,is there any way we can see it somewhere else ? To the people that lived near the family,,,and knew the victims I am so Very sorry,,,but he did get the right penalty..sincerely ,Brenda from Pa

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