Notre Dame’s linebacker says he’s the victim of a hoax

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manti-teo[1] A bizarre story, surfacing from South Bend centering around Notre Dame all-American linebacker, Manti Te’o. The university says a story about Te’o’s girlfriend dying, which he said inspired him to lead a huge upset against Michigan State turned out to be a hoax.

Evidently, Te’o’s girlfriend, was an online persona created by a friend of Te’o’s. In a statement, Te’o says he developed an emotional relationship with a woman he met online, that he grew to care deeply about her, and he now realizes that he was the victim of what was apparently someone’s sick joke and constant lies.

The story was revealed on the sports website Deadspin,  and says there are several things that just aren’t adding up.

“We have a lot of stories about how they met. She was a student at Stanford and they met after the 2009 football game and we know now that didn’t happen.” says Deadspin writer,  Timothy Burke

On Wednesday, Notre Dame held a press conference saying the linebacker was the victim of a “catfish” hoax and they’ve  hired an independent investigative firm to look into the situation.