Police: At least 27 homes targeted in burglary ring

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Police in Middlesex Township, Cumberland County announced Thursday they busted a burglary ring which had targeted at least 27 homes since late November.

Police arrested Jeremy Lentvorsky, 28, saying he’s been going to several townships in Cumberland and Adams counties and usingĀ  a credit card to break into as many homes as he could.

“On one occasion, up in White Rock Acres in Monroe Township, he had to jump out of a second story window” when the resident nearly discovered him, said Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed, who will seek to have all the cases tried in his county.

Police also arrested Cassie Swartz and Amy Copp, Lentvorsky’s wife. Swartz and Copp are not accused of breaking into anyone’s home. However, police allege they took stolen goods to pawn shops.

According to charging documents, “All involved admitted the crimes were committed to feed a large heroin problem they have.”

Police went to pawn shops in Dauphin and Cumberland counties in an effort to recover as much of the stolen jewelry, coins and other items as possible. However, they said some of it had already been melted down.

Police spent much of the day Thursday trying to separate all the tangled necklaces and other jewelry, so victims could come in and identify their belongings.

“One of our purposes here today is to encourage people, especially those living in Middlesex Township, just about everywhere in western Cumberland County, South Middleton, Dickinson, going west, to check and make sure all their valuables are there, especially if they were away,” said Freed.

Swartz and Copp are free on an unsecured $10,000 bone. Letvorsky remains locked up in the Cumberland County prison. How bond was set at $25,000.