Yesterday’s wintry mess becomes the South’s wintry mess

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A quiet, yet cloudy afternoon is expected across the region in the wake of the front that brought a wintry mess to central Pennsylvania yesterday.

Though we may be out of the woods, this system is teaming up with an area of low pressure to bring snow along areas in the South that normally do not experience it –including portions of Alabama!  More than two inches of snow have already fallen in many locations, and storm totals of 3 to 5 inches are expected.  This may be considered a light to moderate snowfall to us, but keep in mind, the South is less equipped to handle this much snow due to its infrequency.

Back home, the area is actually lacking in the snowfall department for the month of January in most locations.  The average snowfall for the month is 8.8 inches for Harrisburg, and so far only a trace has been recorded.  That’s less than a tenth of an inch.  That means plenty of Alabama locations are ahead of us with January snowfall amounts.  However, there is still time in January to make it up!  All it takes is one storm!

-Andrea Michaels