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Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg prepares for cold week ahead

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When the temperatures drop, the number of people seeking a place to stay rises . One Harrisburg shelter is preparing for the expected increase in need for beds and food. The executive director of the Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg says they have 65 permanent beds but are expecting an extra 40 people to come in next week.

“   We want to get those folks off the street, and help them have a safe clean place to be so we’re geared up for that we’re ready for them” says Chuck Wingate, Executive Director, Bethesda Mission

Because of that they have been buying extra mats for people to sleep on the floor, and are preparing for high utility bills to keep their large building warm. In today’s economy it can be tough for the shelter to keep up with the high demands.

“I`d say we are getting by, but the reality is that with these additional people coming in it just puts an additional load on our financial resources,” says Wingate

If you’d like to volunteer or donate to the Bethesda Mission click here :

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  • matt baublitz

    Dont get why the tv version of this story was accompanied by wacky sound effects and magically disappearing cans food.gave the impression that there was something amusing about bethesda missions challenges at this time.there isnt.

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