Getting our fit on!

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I hate to admit it, but the past few weeks of ‘Get Fit’ have been pretty light because of the holidays.  But, Mindy (our Phases trainer) wouldn’t let us slack for too long. Mike, Chris, Jeff and I got an email from her very early this morning with this week’s workout schedule.  Here it is:

Goal: 10 reps    10 sets


#1 10 Regular Burpee OR challenge yourself w/10 reverse burpees (you can google these) REST 30 sec.


#2 10 each leg walking lunges & 10 bearcrawls REST 60 sec.


#3 10 Push-ups & hold a plank after for 45 sec. REST 30 sec.


#4 10 Bodyweight jump Squats REST 60 sec.

#5 run 30 sec sprint 10-30 sec. recovery (repeat 10 times


Repeat #1-5 nine more times

That isn’t it, though!  Mindy wants 5 to 6 days of cardio.  Let’s get moving!



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