Boycott of Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show growing

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As word of Reed Exhibitions banning assault style rifles spreads, so does the list of vendors, sponsors and celebrities backing out and boycotting the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg.

Kinsey’s Outdoors is one of those businesses. This is the first show they will miss in over ten years. “As a business, dealing with the public, you know having a door that’s open to the public, it’s a very hard decision to make. The decisions you make, they don’t appease to everyone you just hope you’re making the one that is right for yourself. And that will benefit the majority,” says General Manager Alex Cameron. “It was determined with ownership that we could not support their decision. It appeared we couldn’t support it and our customers don’t support it, and our business partners the majority of which don’t support it. We’re an outdoor store, but we support anything that has to do with hunting, fishing, related to the outdoors, and part of that is owning and using recreational firearms. Not just for hunting or tradition but as part of our right to do so.”

A statement on the Eastern Sports And Outdoor Show website says, “As a hunting-focused event, we welcome exhibitors who wish to showcase products and firearms that serve the traditional needs of the sport. Clearly, we strongly support the 2nd Amendment. However, this year we have made the decision not to include certain products that in the current climate may attract negative attention that would distract from the strong focus on hunting and fishing at this family oriented event and possibly disrupt the broader positive experience of our guests.”

For more information on Kinsey’s Outdoors click here  For a list of vendors boycotting the show click here


  • lazrus444

    It would be great if the sportsmen would also boycot the show to show support for the businesses that made their intentions known.

  • Dave

    I will be going to the Eastern Sport Show this year for the first time in many years. It will be nice to enjoy the show with out all of the tactical firearms vendors and fanatics. I have always enjoyed hunting and the outdoors and will enjoy it for the rest of my life. But I also have no problem with a ban on rifles that can use 20, 30, 50 even 100 rounds of ammunition in one firing. Except for competition shooting there is no need for these firearms. Okay, so you don't have to ban the guns, I don't want to see more Americans lose their jobs, just their capabilities. There is no need for any firearm to hold more than five rounds, have a suppressor or have a barrel under 18 inches.

    • Michael

      Who are you to determine what anyone else "needs?" There is a big world outside of what you do on a day to day basis.

    • Ron

      Fanatics?????? Do you think our governement is just a bit fanatical? Dave, you will be one of the first sheep to run to us sheep dogs when there is a problem in society. And you know what Dave,,,I WILL PROTECT you and your family even though we disagree.

    • Eyes On

      So, you "don't want to see more Americans lose their jobs, just their capabilities" huh? Maybe you should review the history of the 2nd Amendment and it's purpose, which was to ensure that I DO have capabilities when it comes to defending myself – especially against tyrranical regimes. I pray that I never have occasion to defend myself from such a regime, but God help them if I ever do. I know I'll be in great company – and your sorry self will be the first one to thank us.

    • Jim

      Not sure theres goning to be much there to enjoy. As of today ( 1/23 ) over 200 vendors have pulled out. But you go and have fun…….

    • Bev

      i agree with you dave. for hunting purposes having something of this nature is not needed. or legal if i am correct. so perhaps having these types of guns missing from this venue is fitting. but with that said those who would like to purchase and own these types of guns do have the right to do so. regardless of how we may feel. do they have gun only shows where these things could be displayed?

      • JRal

        I hunt with one every year. Coyotes, Varmints, Deer (they come in 308 Win you know). They also don't fire 100 rounds at a time – that is just foolish ignorance and left wing media misinformation. They fire just like a Remington 740 or a Browing A5, Remington 1187…

        Just because you don't hunt with one, doesn't make it any less appropriate for the task.

    • Mike

      Enjoy the empty booths and the spaces filled by celluar/mobile phone vendors, walk-in bath vendors, jewelry vendors, and time share salesman… all the good vendors wont be there. Go spend your money on communism.

  • Dustin

    Dave, I support your decision not to need a rifle holding more than 5 rounds. So do the criminals who intend to rob your home and rape your family. They support your decision to the very fullest.

  • YWN

    Dave, you don't need that Big Mac and Diet Coke either but because we live in this country you can (for now). I don't need a gun for everyday of the week, but I do and I plan on getting more, WHY? because I have the right to. DA!

  • Don

    I agree with ALL who Boycot The SHOW and Say THANK YOU to ALL that have PULLED OUT.
    It would be GOOD if it was a "NO SHOW".

  • Bill

    You guys are the real problem with the nation. I didn't fight radicals in Afganistan and Iraq for 3 years, watching my friends die, just to come back to the USA to listen to more radical redirect. Let me ask you another question. Do you think Obama is a bad president because of his policies or because of the color of his skin. Try understanding instead of vomiting up outdated and slanted views. Think for self's for a change. Nice post Dave.

    • KilroyReport

      Ummm, because of his policies (and of course, the results thereof). Do you think he is a good president in spite of his performance because of skin color?

        • commonsense_joe

          @Bill – in addition to bad policies on guns and ammo…

          Reduced job opportunities for millions of Americans because of income tax hikes, EPA environmental extremism, and ObamaCare's new taxes and complicated one-size-fits-all rules and mandates.

          Weakening of Clinton Era welfare work requirements – affects communities nationwide.

          Attempted to have a civil court criminal trial for the blind sheik terrorist leader.

          Bailout of UAW in preference to taxpayers and GM bond purchasers.

          Coddling new dictators, putting millions at greater risks.

          Delayed Keystone pipeline, won't allow drilling in ANWR very small part of Alaska.

          Many millions wasted on frivolous "stimulus" spending.

          …. need more?

    • Dan Kauffman

      Because of his policy, which I might add are in keeping with Chicago Daley Machine Politics check out the Housing Project he and his racketeer buddy were involved in some time it was called Grove Park Plaza the Boston Globe had an extensive compilation of information on it. As for the color of skin? A crooked Cook County Politician is the same whether they are Purple with Pink Polka Dots or some other hue

  • John

    I truly hope Reed Exhibitions loses their shirt on this fiasco. I will NOT attend a Reed organized event. I WILL be buying products from those who sacrificed their financial gain by withdrawing from this event. The wallet ultimately has more effect than the ballot so send the "antis" a message that'll hit them where it really hurts!

    • mark

      amen…john…i have always done business with those who have done business with me and i agree with you 100%….i am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy predator hunting with my AR and i will shift all my business to those companies that sttod their ground for what they beleive in !!!

  • Will

    This president has done nothing but attack private america, he has declaired war on the coal and gas industry, He put in place a health care plan that will break the bank, but before it does it will break you. Starting in fiscal year 2014 you will pay income tax on the employer paid portion of your health insurance, for me thats $86 every 2 week. It takes the pension I have paid nearly $100,000 into over the last 19 years and throws it into a federally regulated pension fund (yay!!!!) Now he's attacking the 2nd ammendment. I am an Iraq Veteran myself, and to see our country being destroyed piece by piece sickens me!!!!! It's time to make a stand!!!!!!!!

  • Chip Steinberger

    I'll be going to Cabela's instead of the Harrisburg sports show. I'd rather support an American company than the British based Reed exhabitions. I've been to many shows at Harrisburg but Reed should move their show to London, I am one american (Nam-Vetern) who will never attend another Reed hosted show, I'll do my shopping at Cabela's.

    • larry

      hi chip so you will support that us co. that sells 90% of its stuff made overseas with alot of the clothes made in veitnam nice reasoning. a nam vet

  • Linda

    i support all those vendors who backed out of the eastern sports show. anyone who boycotts the show really has the balls to stand up for our rights, seeing that more and more of our rights are being taken away all the time. ENOUGH! I thought that's what ALL those soldiers over the past 200 years have died for; our freedom and rights. don't let them die in vain. stand up for yourself people!!!

  • Chris

    Goto facebook and search for boycott eastern outdoor show, that is where all started. Has been growing like wildfire. Check it out

  • larry

    here, ill rephrase it. hey bill let me ask you a question, why is it that during a anti gun discussion you are the first to bring it to a racial issue, pull your 1960's agenda head outta your butt and keep on topic!!

  • lazrus444

    The vendors should file suit against Reed for their decision and loss of revenue. Maybe they can make this the last year for Reed in Harrisburg??

  • Debbie F.

    Thank you to all the vendors, speakers, celebrities and agencies that sacrificed and supported the Second amendment by boycotting the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.You're the ones taking the stand and taking the financial hit. I hope everyone that intended to attend the show uses their $14.00 gate fee (plus gas) for the shipping on items purchased from those vendor's websites. Reed's decision kept the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmens Clubs (who actually started this very show) from being able to display this legal firearm as a raffle item to sell chances on as a fundraiser. They weren't even allowed to show a PICTURE of it, display a brochure of it or any accessories. Reed initially designated a new area of the show for a "Tactical Section" but cancelled that and renamed the section, AFTER the vendor's had agreed to attend and contracts had been signed and booth deposits paid. If 'Dave' wants to attend and give Reed an 'atta boy' by putting $14.00 in their pocket that is his right. But I would remind Dave that it is not just my second amendment, it is his too.

  • Jeff

    I agree with Dave.

    I have no problem with people owning guns; it's the type of guns they want to own. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, not the right to bear any arms manufactured. Civilians only need the following options: for protection and target practice, a .22 or .38 caliber revolver; for hunting birds, a 20 gauge over/under shotgun and for larger game a bolt-action .30-06. All automatic and semiautomatic weapons should be for police and military only.

    A former Deputy Sheriff,

    • curtis

      Do you hunt at all? Have you tried to hunt geese with a 20 guage? It can be done, but you end up with more cripples than bagged game. As a deputy sheriff you would think you would know it is your job to enforce the law and not interpret it. You must be one of those cops that likes to be the judge and the jury.

      Amendment II
      A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

      No where does it say what arms I can and cannot have.

      • GeoJames

        Are you delusional, or just badly misinformed?? .22 or.38 caliber is NOT adequate for defense, just ask all the LEOs who were issued 9mm (equivalent to .38) in the past. They fell far short when cofronted by .40 and .45. Too many instances of .38 and 9mm not stopping the threat. Ask them why they now carry .45's.

    • JRal

      Views like yours are probably WHY you are a former Deputy (although I highly doubt you were ever actually a LEO). You don't appear to have the slightest idea what you are talking about.

      The fact that you fear citizens with 100 year old technology is very telling.

  • curtis

    Reed Exhibitions is Ironically the same company that puts on "Shot Show" in Las Vegas. The same show that had record turn out last week. I wonder why they didn't pull this stunt then? Could it be that more than 30% of that show's attendees are arms dealers or could it be the fact that the booths for that show run on average $20,000. That a lot of change to lose out on. So they instead decided to pull this on the little guy. I am pro-staffer for one of the call companies that pulled out of the show and I can tell we are taking a bath on the lost money from booth rental and missed sales opportunities, but we do not and will not regret our decision one bit.

  • GeoJames

    I am constantly and consistently amazed how often the ones protesting the loudest are the least informed. Exactly the reason I don't want the anti-gunners deciding what is best for me.

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