Met-Ed Schedules Emergency Outage Overnight Tonight in Adams/Franklin Counties

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Adams Electric says Met-Ed has scheduled an emergency outage to occur from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Wednesday, January 23 at Met-Ed’s Orrtanna Breaker Station. The outage will affect approximately 3,400 Adams Electric members living in the Orrtanna, Fairfield, Carroll Valley, Cashtown and Big Flat areas of Adams and Franklin counties. Met-Ed is hoping to permanently repair a switch that caused an outage in the same areas early Tuesday morning.

Members in the impacted areas should make necessary arrangements to keep themselves and their families safe.

Due to the low temperatures expected overnight, please take extra precautions to stay warm, including:

  • Prepare any back-up heating systems.
  • Operate emergency generators safely.
  • Make arrangements to stay elsewhere overnight: with friends, family or in a hotel.
  • If you plan to stay home, have extra blankets and warm clothing readily available.
  • Take precaution with pets. Make sure they have somewhere safe to stay.
  • Slightly open faucets to allow a small drip to avoid freezing pipes.

Co-op linecrews will be assisting Met-Ed in making repairs safely and efficiently.

For more information visit  or for real-time outages visit . In case of a power emergency, call 800/726-2324.


  • Ed L

    Doesn't surprise that Met-Ed is doing this on the coldest night. And causing undo expenses to their customers. There could have been a better way of doing this!

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