Massive turnout for gun rallies

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The State Capitol in Harrisburg was packed Wednesday with people on both sides of the gun debate, as two rallies were held, one for gun control and one against it. The first rally included legislators and people who support guns. Many say their Second Amendment rights are being jeopardized.

“The Pennsylvania Constitution is so very clear, if you haven’t read it, it’s Article 1 Section 21. It says the right of the citizen to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state shall not be questioned,” says gun supporter William Reil.  “You can hurt people with pretty much anything.”

“It’s the Second Amendment that allows every other right to be in existence. Without the second amendment you got no First Amendment. You got no Fourth Amendment, says Tim Sorady with Firearms Owners Against Crime. “They had an assault weapons ban in 1994, during that time we still had Columbine. Are we going to start outlawing cars? Are we going to start outlawing hammers? According to the FBI both of those cause more death than firearms.”

On the other side of the State Capitol the group Ceasefire PA held a rally in favor of stronger gun laws.

“We’re talking about background checks on all gun sales. A requirement that gun owners report if their gun goes missing. We’re talking about Pennsylvania standards, who in Pennsylvania a can carry a weapon concealed, and we’re talking about bans on those military assault type weapons and high-capacity magazines,” says Executive Director of Ceasefire PA Shira Goodwin. “Common sense, good people, you know gun owners, people who aren’t gun fans, should be able to find some common ground to solve this problem.”

“Enough is enough with the various episodes 31 since Columbine. We’ve mourned and we’ve prayed and now it’s time to act,” says Michael Giansiracusa from Ardmore. “I think that 60% of sales of all guns are not regulated, so the second amendment talks about a regulated militia where’s the regulation? It’s time that people see bodies in motion in this issue, if we don’t come out physically then it just becomes talks. It becomes pie in the sky.”


  • Chris

    I find it amazing that the anti-gun side is ALWAYS uninformed and uneducated on the issue at hand. 60% of sales are unregulated? Says who? Who can carry? We have permits for that……Reporting of missing firearms? I think any responsible gun owner will all but immediately know if one goes missing, and report it immediately. Sadly this is all they have. How about this….ADDRESS CRIME! You'll find that to be a lot more productive use of your time and energy.

  • Mark

    i find it amazing that Fox filmed CROWDS of anti-gun folks while only filming a small group of gun-rights folks. Fair and balanced eh Fox? Fail.

  • Was there

    Attended both – the anti-gunners bused in half their attendees from Philly with the promise of a free ride, a free lunch, and a free t-shirt. Most just wandered around like they didn’t really care…all for show! Cease fire speakers stood on the graves of the Newtown children and whipped up the crowd with emotion, but never put forth even one valid solutions. All I heard was that every sob story killing was caused by someone who already broke multiple existing gun laws; why would they think more laws would prevent someone bent on killing? Many of their group that I spoke with clearly had no idea of what PA’s gun laws already require when purchasing a firearm. Cease fire PA needs to address the underlying social issues of the inner cities: gang violence, 70% fatherless children, and the proven direct correlation between welfare and violence.

  • Guest

    We need to look at statistics. Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia all have strict gun laws, yet some of the highest murder rates in the USA. Philadelphia lets criminals get out with a slap on the wrist with plea bargins.

    It is time to enforce the laws existing using common sense. Make the penalty fit the crime. Take the emotion out of the arguments.

    And yes I was there.

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