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Manchester Grocery Store Bandit Confesses to Bank Robbery

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A man arrested for robbing the East Manchester Giant and pulling a gun on a loss prevention officer who tried to stop him also confessed to being the man who robbed a bank in 2011. Police were able to track down Chad David Ryan, 39, at his residence on Creek Road in Manchester using the license plate number a witness took down as he fled the Giant. When an officer arrived, Ryan was unloading the groceries he’d just stolen. Ryan asked police if the FBI was  coming. When the officer asked why the FBI would be coming, Ryan said, “Because I robbed the Sovereign Bank.”

That robbery occurred on September 6th, 2011 at the Sovereign Bank on the 4100 block of North George Street. The robber, wearing a ski mask and brandishing a semi-automatic handgun, jumped over the teller’s counter and demanded cash. He took money and fled into the woods east of the bank and got away, despite a dye pack explosion.

When Ryan’s GMC truck  was search, police found a loaded Sig Sauer .45 semi automatic handgun as well as another loaded magazine in Ryan’s pants pocket.Ryan showed police the ski mask he used in the bank robbery and also copped to robbing the Manchester Sheetz on June 17th of 2011.

Ryan told police he has been unemployed since 2009 and has resorted to robberies as a way of supporting himself. He is currently in York County Prison on $50,000 bail.