Victim holds would be burglar at gunpoint until police arrive

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Jean Carlos Rivera-Gonzalez

A Lancaster City man refused to be a victim when two men attempted to burglarize his home for a second time within a week. The homeowner grabbed a gun and confronted one of the thieves at gunpoint until police arrived.

Officers were called to a home along the 300 block of Mill Street on Wednesday regarding a burglary in progress. When they got there they found the victim holding the suspect at gunpoint.

Jean Carlos Rivera-Gonzalez, 22, of Lancaster, was arrested and charged with burglary.

The property owner told officers he had just returned home when Rivera-Gonzalez knocked on his front door and forced his way inside.  He believed Rivera-Gonzalez was the same man who burglarized his home the day before, police said.

A second suspect was seen fleeing the area in a gold two-door Honda Accord. He is described as a light skinned Hispanic male possibly in his late 20’s or early 30’s and has green eyes, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 717-735-3301.


  • Doris Little

    that's we need to carry guns , to keep our selves safe . I would do the same to protect myself way to go now days .

  • noneya bixness

    he should have shot him!!!!! enough of them get shot robbing,maybe more would think twice about breaking in!!!!!

  • d. cohen

    Good thing he had a gun!! I doubt thatthe robbers would have waited if he simply asked then to wait for the police.

    • HowIgnorantRU?

      If the burglar (presumably unarmed since it was not mentioned) had fled, what was the homeowner going to do, shoot him? He can't legally or morally do that. You may not fire your gun at a person who is not threatening you. Law enforcement agents may not even do it. All you can do is use the gun to prevent impending harm or stop harm.

      Again, if the burglar continued to walk/run out the door when the homeowner showed up, the homeowner cannot legally just shoot the burglar simply to stop him from leaving.

      Another example. You look out of your window at home and a guy is spray painting graffiti on your car. You aim your shotgun at him and scream for him to stop. He continues or walks away. You may not legally shoot the guy. If he throws the paint can toward you, you might be able to legally shoot him. If he throws a rock at you or pulls out a gun, then you can shoot him.

      • paul lozey

        hold up… coming OR going..u break in my house..i kill u !!!.and as far as morally go's my word against his….and if he dead ,the better we all r..

  • Hellen Boon

    This was a very tense moment. I can imagine the composure of the would be victim to holding down the crook. Some would have just shot the crook.

  • Chris Black

    Now that is how you secure your home. The burglar should count himself lucky that he wasn’t shot before the cops came to haul him off.

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