Local man remembers Vietnam ceasefire

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Monday marks the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam ceasefire. Terms were signed in Paris on January 27th 1973 giving all U.S. assets 60 days to leave. The anniversary hits close to home for retired army Colonel Tom Faley of Boiling Springs.

Col. Faley was one of the few remaining combat advisors and was attached to the Vietnamese 9th Airborne battalion. This 800 man Vietnamese paratroop battalion was licked in continual heavy fighting with the North Vietnamese in Quang Tri province in 1972-73 time period. He witnessed the ceasefire first hand.  Airborne officers were shocked to hear that the U.S. was pulling out all assets within 60 days with the enemy forces left in place. It was a one-sided withdraw.

The ceasefire was effective at 8a.m. Vietnam time on January 28th.