Perry County man shoots and kills neighbor’s dog

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A Perry County man is facing animal cruelty charges after he shot and killed a neighbor’s dog, police said.  It happened on January 12th along Blanks Lane in Madison Township.

Leroy Blank Jr., 44, of Ickesburg, allegedly shot the dog when it ventured onto his property, troopers said.

The dog, owned by Greg Reisinger, 42, of Ickesburg, was fatally wounded.

Blank is charged with Cruelty to Animals and Criminal Mischief.


  • Wendy Schell

    Kinda mixed feelings on this one. Mainly the man shouldn't have killed the dog!!! But being a pet owner, I know that it is my responcibility to make sure of where my dog is at all times and to keep him/her on my own property. I believe he over reacted, way over!!

  • J Prindle

    By the little info given, you can not judge the dog or the shooter. Mental case is a bit harsh. Lets get the facts before we blame the dog or the shooter.

    • S Copenhaver

      I agree. That dog may have been attacking the man or HIS dog. We do not have the facts and shame on anyone for reaching conclusions without them.

  • J Prindle

    Human life should be put above all others. If another human's life is in danger no matter the situation, you need to do something to save that life. This situation doesnt have any facts why it happened and we can not be prejudging this situation.

  • bordeaux11611

    Hey Joe! Pennsylvania IS a state! It is just called, officially, the Commonwealth of Pennyslvania. Wikipedia repeatedly calls Pennsylvania a state. Stop trying to bust people's balls. You do YOUR research with YOUR jerking knee!

  • bordeaux11611

    Joe, the United States has 50 states, not 49 states AND a Commonwealth! Stop making a fool of YOURSELF! Stop trying to be difficult.

  • Colt357

    By all means please move back to New York. The state where freedom will soon be a thing of the past if the Governor has his way.

  • ConcernedCountryGirl

    Ummm..last I checked… that statement " allegedly shot the dog when it ventured onto his property, troopers said" they said VENTURED idiots so that does not mean the dog was attacking anything. I know the guy who owns the dog and I seriously think most people who post their opinions are jack wagons! The guy who shot the dog should be punished – period. I had a cat who some @$$hole shot and well, cruelty to animals is not acceptable. NO WHERE did it state this guy was in danger..learn to read.

  • Robin

    He could have called the neighbor and asked him to keep his dog on his owm land. . If that didn;t work call the local police explain that he told the neighbor about keeping the dog under control. Then it would have been up to them to go to the neighbor and fine him.

  • mary jones

    It is truly a time in our lives where so many people are so cruel. I guess if a child ran onto my property I could do harm to child, or if a car is parked too far into my property, I could just have towed away. Is there no such thing as common sense anymore . And then we wonder why so much fighting over the gun laws. This man just took a gun and shot. THe article does say…Dog wandered onto property…I believe it there was more to story, it would have been included as in the dog attacked the owner. I would bet the neighbors already had bad blood, so this cruel person took out on the dog. People are just so sick today in their thought process. And please, dont tell me that the human should always be considered over an animal I find that hard to accept when I see humans act in this manner. Animals attack when threatened. Animals kill one another based on the food chain. THey just dont go out and kill for joy as humans do. They kill their own children today..their spouses…and usually for financial gain.They kill for drugs, possessions, etc. People need to learn more about animals and their
    survival skills. Dont compare humans in many cases to animals. We can learn so much from animals.

  • disgusting

    You people are truly amazing! There are more comments concerning a dead fukin' dog than the individual that lost their lives in a house fire!?! Not one single offer of condolences to that family, yet here you are offering your bu!!sh!t comments regarding a this? Seriously? Every single one of you truly exemplify the real problem of moral & social decay! Enjoy it 'cuz you've certainly earned it!

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