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3rd Grader Takes Gun to School Twice

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A 3rd grader in Michigan manages to bring a loaded gun into school two days in a row.  It happened first on Thursday and the parent of one of his classmates called the school.  The school approached the student, found the gun, called police and went on with the school day.  But it happened again on Friday.  Police say the boy claimed he had the gun for protection and that he got it from a relative.  Some parents are angry saying the school never alerted them to the situation.


  • HowIgnorantRU?

    So hey, what's wrong with this? The kid has second amendment rights. He didn't threaten anyone. Every kid should have a gun to protect themselves from a crazed kid who who gets bullied in the lunchroom and goes ballistic. Isn't that the way things are supposed to be? The school needs to cease gun control and leave their hands off of kids' guns.
    Sounds idiotic whether using the word "kids" or "Americans".


      ARE YOU SERIOUS ???? Whats wrong with you? Are you mental or something? I believe in 2nd amendment rights but let me tell ya, you are so damn wrong with what you are saying about this 3rd grader bringing a loaded gun to school 2 days in a row. Something should be done with the 3rd grader along with the 3rd graders parents because they are obviously not responsible enough to have guns in their home if their child is bringing them to school.

  • mesayinmypiece

    that's funny because how did he get into the school with a gun anyway considering there are supposed to better security

  • Ed L

    Oh Jeeze! I'm censored four my comments against HowIgnorantRU! Thanks 43! IT wasn't any worse then what URSOWRONG posted! Give me break!

  • LTC(Ret)

    There is a felony here for whomever provided the weapon or gave access to a weapon in the case of a minor. We don't know what a "relative" is in this case but, it doesn't matter. That adult should be in deep trouble right now.

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