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greenjuiceI always get questions about the green juice I drink every morning.  Yes, it’s green. Yes, it’s full of vegetables.  And, yes, it’s delicious!  Though, I didn’t always feel that way.  When I first started juicing I really had to pile on the fruits and could only drink about 8 ounces at a time.  Gradually I would decrease the fruits and increase the size – after a few months I started to crave the juice (even without fruit) and now I LOVE it!

Here’s my go-to juice recipe (add or decrease fruit depending on the level of sweetness you’re after):

Yields about 5 pint sized glasses

– 4 to 5 kale leaves

– 4 to 5 chard leaves

– 4 green apples

– 3 cucumbers

– 1/4 of a medium pineapple

–  5 romaine leaves

– 5 celery stalks

I also get a lot of questions about why kind of juicer to get.  There are so many options out there, especially as the juicing trend continues to grow.  I bought my first juicer on ebay – it was one of the more expensive brands, but I got it for a much better price because it was used.  Make sure you check out the juicer’s warranty before buying one – a quality juicer will have a decent warranty (mine is 10 years).  Just do a little research on Google and you’ll easily be able to track down the right juicer for you!

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  • s.corley

    I've always wanted to try juicing but did not know what would be the right mix, well I tried your recipe and I have to say
    that it is good and with that I like to say thank you.
    P.S. you look amazing.

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