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Sometimes servers work hard for their money only to come up short changed. But one Applebee’s waitress was fired after posting a picture of her tip from a pastor. This is the receipt that has gone viral and cost the waitress her job. The waitress, who worked at a St. Louis Applebee’s, posted the receipt she received from a pastor complaining about the automatic gratuity added to the bill. The pastor wrote, ” I give God 10 % why should you get 18?.” There were more than 8 people in the pastor’s party triggering the tip. The bothered waitress, who wasn’t even the employee waiting on the table, posted the receipt online and it became viral causing her to lose her job. So we want to know what you think ?  Do you think the waitress deserved to be fired, or was the pastor out of line?


  • Susanna

    there is a law stating that if the party is over so many people, the tip is automatically added. She had no wrong doing in this and deserves her job reinstanted. If she specifically did not sign a statement forbidding her from posting company information, I feel she was wronged.

    • Pete

      Under the Fair Labor Standards Act…a tip is defined as a sum presented by a customer as a gift or gratuity in recognition of some service performed for him.  A tip is distinguished from a service charge, which the restaurant cannot use as a tip credit to offset the minimum wage.The key distinction between the two is that tips/gratuities are within the customers discretion, but a service charge is not.

  • nicole

    She is only getting paid around $3 an hour as a waitress. So maybe the pastor should get paid $3 an hour for each of his sermons, hope people show up and like it. Then take up an offering for him like time at the end and see how he makes out! I’m sure she has bills to pay out of her tips. If she was a missionary he would have no problem handing money over to her! He needs fired for this not her! If my pastor did this I would seriously consider another church!

    • Pat

      Actually a Pastor's salary is based on what goes in the collection plate. If member giving goes down, eventually the pastor's salary will also.

  • rose

    the purpose of a tip is To Insure Prompt Service, I also have a problem with them adding on what they think I should tip. What if the service was awful then they don"t deserve that much.. The pastor was way out of line to say that. Where is the christian in him and he's not a good example is he.

  • Mackenzie

    That pastor was way out of line. Most waiters depend on their tips to make a decent paycheck. Some places only pay like 4 or 5 bucks an hour.. sometimes even less. This guy is just a cheap a$$!!!

  • upset

    I have an issue with gratuities added to the check! I was told at a rest. in O.C. that its added in and the owner collects them all year and uses them for the end of year party for employees and he asked us to tip him over that amount so he would get his tip – I think the owners should pay the waitresses at the very least minimum wage and tips should not be allowed. The cook doesnt get a tip for doing his job right – the cashier doesnt get a tip – most people in any other workplace are rewarded by the employer in a wage and so should waitresses. We should not be made to pay their wage – their employer should. You get hired to do a job by the owner of the business. I always tip but done think I should be told what that tip should be!

    • deadtoad

      If the wait staff was paid even minimum wage vs what they are worth the price of every menu item would Skyrocket

  • jcjcrrm

    I don't believe it's a law to add 18% gratuity. Restaurants do that for parties that are larger than 8 so that the waitress doesn't get slighted on a large bill. Having been a waitress for many years I know that it is a lot of work to wait on larger tables of people, however, I don't believe that any tip should be automatically added to a bill no matter how big the party. The server needs to earn that tip, not just have it handed to her/him.

  • hunterswife36

    she should get her job back or does she really want to work for a company that fires you for something so stupid.

  • Tracy

    I always tip 20% unless the service is really bad. Waitresses have to put up with a lot of crap from customers and keep smiling. If he can’t afford the tip, he should eat at home.

  • marie druck

    I don't think the waitress should have lost her job. Most work for less money and count on tips to make up the difference. As for applebee's firing her, well just another reason for me not to eat there. Now on to pastor whoever he is, if I chose to give that 18% to my waitress instead of God who exactly is paying him? Last I heard the money I give at church goes to support the preacher along with several other things. Maybe his people should think about how much they give him, he doesn't know if she is a single mother or maybe she is now working an extra job to help care for her parents. Maybe she is a teen working to go to college.

    • Matt at FOX43

      The system automatically pulls comments with certain criteria. Sorry if it happened to yours. We do, however, pull comments that have racist, adult, or other offensive language. Have a nice day! :)

  • Steve Brady

    Let’s see… I was posting that a) the pastor is a woman… and b) she is reported to have apologized, but not done anything to be pastoral towards the woman she got fired. The I wrote how a college room-mate used to say “don’t be sorry, change.”

    Something offensive there?

  • Dee

    I was also a waitress for several years and it was wrong for Applebee's to fire anyone for showing information that they received from a customer! The so called 'Pastor' that wrote this on a napkin should be ashamed of himself!!! I give 10% back to the church, and waitress/waiters count on tips as their 'paycheck'. I also believe that is wrong, business owners should be paying employees accordingly and patrons sure be able to give 'random acts of kindness'.

  • Tracy

    I have been a waitress on and off for more than 12 years and in the state of PA. we get $2.83 per hour we rely on our tips to be able to pay our bills and take care of our children, so if you our not going to tip or can't afford to tip don't go out to a restaurant to eat go to MacDonald's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chuck y

    I love how u ppl only read what you want and don't read it correctly…..the waitress who put the receipt on the web WASN'T even the waitress serving the party……I tip for the most 20 percent to figure it out easier, unless a real reason otherwise……as for the waitress being fired I agree she should have been IT WASN 'T her table……she was out of line…..so was the pastor…..

  • rhemakl

    I tip according to how the service was if kind and attentive to me, if they remember me it is 20% I feel that they have done their job to take care of me as I am there to eat and possibly bring back more people next time. So the owner is worried of bad publicity ………she was upset and vented out her anger, ….maybe not a good thing to do publicly, pastor was wrong and not being a good example of love.
    To whom much is given much is required……………???????????????? so I guess we need to use this as A LEARNING EXPERIENCE……. and move on in life and be kind to one another because any day can be a bad day for anyone, so treat everyone with respect.

  • a server

    Shows you that pastor character. Guess she skipped the love part of the Bible or be kind. Servers make a zero dollar check because it all goes to taxes. They depend on their tip then you grt a rude person or someone who leaves yhe biggest mess is the neediest person sit there for hours and they give u nothing for your superurb service because their chepos. How about you serve peplle for free and clean up their mess ecspecoally with children.

  • person

    Based on her character i dont know but even if she did give God 10% of her NET INCOME how does that justify giving 18% of your TOTAL purchase. I mean h can give ms 18% of you NET income if you want to be specific like that

  • JADE


  • Naomi

    The pastor showed a lack of understanding between tithe and tipping. We don't tip God, we tithe to give back what was given us. That money goes toward running a church, charity toward those who need help,
    and many other good projects. A tip is given for service given. The restaurant policy was to add 18% for a large party because it is hard work. If she had a problem with the service or another complaint she should have taken it up with a manager, not a rude comment put on a slip of paper that will be seen after you leave.
    I have read information stating that she has a small storefront church with 15 members, she may not recieve a salary from a group that small. She also may not have had much religious education or a complete understanding of God's Love. She said she was sorry but it appears only for herself.
    The waitress should not have posted this. Just because you can is not a good reason to do things.
    They should have laughed it off and felt sorry for this woman. It was not worth being fired.

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Given the additional information from posters above, I'd say the article is poorly written so we don't have all information. This topic goes from the issue of companies that infringe on employee's privacy on social media to the right of privacy (with the receipt) to the guidelines of tipping to the inappropriateness of a comment made by a clergy member to the disbursement of tips among servers to the correctness of the amounts of a tip to the archaic idea that tips are necessary (versus paying a wage for the job). A lot of arguments touched upon within one incident.

    • Matt at FOX43

      "HowIgnorantRU?" This really is not an article per se but rather a very short snippet of information. We love that our posters above do more research, it shows they are dedicated to finding out more. Have a great weekend, hope to see you more on our site :)

  • Ed L

    First I'd like to know 10% of what does this pastor give to God. This man has a problem understanding these waitresses are working for a living and earn minimum wage. They can't support a family on that. That's what the tips are for. I really think he went overboard on this. People who tip like gain a reputation and when they return to some restaurants, they will pay for it in lousy service or food. I truly believe the restaurant should have sued the pastor for altering the check. This is close to being theft of services.

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