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Goat euthanized after being attacked by dog

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A goat had to be euthanized after it was attacked by a dog in Dauphin County on Friday. State police responded to the 2800 block of White Oak Road in Jackson Township for a report of a dog attacking a goat.

Troopers determined the dog had gotten loose from a home along Harman Road before it attacked a goat owned by Theresa Ann Wertz, 56, of Halifax.

The goat sustained serious injuries and had to be put down, troopers said.

The dog’s owner, Stephen Richard Bowman, 32, of Millersburg, is charged with confinement of dogs.


  • andrew

    what kind of dog was it? if it were a pit bull you know it would say because everybody discriminates against them. but nobody will look at the hard facts and realize that there are more lab attacks each year then any other dog!

  • Carol

    I'd love to see the post if it was a chihuahua or something! Sorry for the poor goat and it's owner. Too bad people don't take responsibility and train their dogs. There aren't bad dogs, just bad dog owners!

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