New PA License Plate Honors Veterans

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Pennsylvania vehicle owners can now show their support of veterans by purchasing the new “Honoring Our Veterans” license plate.

The plate, authorized by Act 194 of 2012, features an image of the American flag and a bald eagle and contains the words “Honoring Our Veterans.”

“Patriotic-minded individuals frequently ask me how they can pay tribute to veterans or where they can donate a small amount of money that benefits veterans, and this new license plate is a great way to do just that,” Brig. Gen. (PA) Mike Gould said, deputy adjutant general for veterans affairs with the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. “More importantly, you don’t need to be a veteran to get one of these plates.”

The plate is available for passenger cars and light trucks up to 10,000 pounds and costs $35. Fifteen dollars from the sale of each license plate goes to the Veterans Trust Fund administered by the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. The funds will be used to support and assist Pennsylvania veterans and their families through grants to veterans service organizations and other charitable organizations.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation began issuing the new license plate in mid-January.

For more information and to get a copy of the application visit:

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  • LTC(Ret)

    I am absolutely certain this initiative will help veterans. Much the same way the failed SS "trust fund" helped Social Security and the PA Lottery helped seniors. ZERO! Nonetheless, it sounds great and it keeps your eye off the ball.

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