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Ravens and their fans celebrate their Super Bowl title

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It was complete pandemonium at M & T Bank Stadium.  Over 90 thousand fans brave the cold weather and come out very early to see the Super Bowl champs, the Baltimore Ravens.

Joe Flacco, Ravens QB

“Baltimore, we did it.”

Peter Graham, Ravens fan

“Its ridiculous, its like a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Kara Stiers, Ravens fan

“Its amazing, its been a long time coming”

What is it like to see the Super Bowl champs?

“Its incredible, I am really loving this.”

Michael Alexander, Ravens fan

“Its electrifying, its so exciting, we are 2 time world champs.”

Ed Reed, Ravens safety

“Who do they think going to beat those Ravens?”

Peter Graham, Ravens fan

“Oh man, its exciting, I have been waiting so long for this, 12 long years.  This guy here.  We were the 1st one at the gates.”

Kara Stiers, Ravens fan

“Its me an a couple thousand of my best friends so we are keeping warm together.”

John Harbaugh, Ravens Head Coach

“The city is going crazy for the Ravens, the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.”

Ray Lewis, Ravens LB

“This team was destined to go and win the Super Bowl.”

Peter Graham, Ravens fan

“Nothing is going to stop us.  We always support them.  They are always out here fighting so we will come up here and support them.”

Joe Flacco, Ravens QB

“Super Bowl champs baby.  This is for you guys.  We have been through a lot this year, a lot of highs, a couple lows.  You guys have stood there through it all.”

“We are the best fans in the NFL.  Ravens nation, on top baby,”

John Harbaugh, Ravens Head Coach

“We talk about the team, look around.  This is the team.  This whole stadium is packed with the Baltimore Raven team, together.”

This celebration proved at least one thing.  The Ravens and their fans are one team, they are the world champions.