Restaurant Gives “Well Behaved Kids” Discount

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A mom in Poulsbo, Washington posted a picture of a receipt she received from an Italian restaurant.  On it, the restaurant gave her family a $4 discount for having well behaved kids.

“If only all restaurants did this for people with kids,” wrote the mom with kids aged 2,3 and 8.  In fact, the children were so well behaved that the server rewarded the family by giving them a free bowl of ice cream to share too.  She also says used to work in a restaurant and she tries to teach her children that eating out should not involve crayons and iPads, but conversation.
Her posting has gotten comments from people who like the good kid discount idea, and critics who say people should get discounts for behaving like they’re supposed to behave.


  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Now, we all know that "behaving like they're supposed to behave" means that they run around like at a birthday party, bumping into everyone and spilling stuff. That's just crazy talk. Crazy talk I tell ya.

    There is nothing wrong with a restaurant promoting the behaviors that they like to see in their establishment. After all, intoxicated people in bars are flagged from more alcohol purchases and banned if they progress into bad behaviors.

  • BetStauff

    The restaurant is not rewarding the kids for their good behavior. The restaurant is rewarding the PARENTS for their good parenting skills. Amen. All parents of well-behaved kids should be rewarded. They are the real heroes!

  • Marie

    I wish all restaurants would do this. We never allowed our kids to run around. they had to sit at the table and eat nicely. We did bring quiet things for them to do while waiting for the food and to do after they finished( if they finished first) These rules were the same at home as when we were out. Loud voices were not allowed. After raising my 3 and now having 5 grandsons, I have a hard time not scolding parents who let their kids act up. I have been know to stand just out of sight of a parent with a screaming child in a store and comment " somebody needs to spankt hat child and give him/her a reason to cry." Or Looks like someone needs a timeout or nap. I do understand this behavior from children under the age of 2 , but after that there is no excuse. If the child is not injured or was just disciplined there is no reason for fits. Even autistic kids can learn not to scream like banshees.
    My kid is not perfect but I do not tolerate such behavior.
    even child services says a swat on the bottom with your hand is NOT abuse.

  • Beesh

    all I got from the article is that this author needs to proof read their work. He forgot to put a not after should in his final sentence and is missing a she in "she also says (she) used to…".

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