Facebook video gets rid of parking ticket in Israel

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Hila Ben Baruch says she parked her car legally near her Tel Aviv home only to find it gone and replaced with a handicapped parking sign. City Hall slapped her with more than $300 in fines. Making matters worse, she says a city representative accused her of lying when she called to complain. (original video)

Here is what she said:

“On Sunday morning at about 12 o’clock I returned to my house with my vehicle to Judah Halevi st in Tel Aviv and parked my cars just below the house. Parking was legally pavement marked blue and white, even with a parking receipt zones. I park for nearly six months on the street (that’s where I live) and know well where they are permitted to park and where prohibited.”

“That evening, at about 22:00 I was on my way to the car to go to work. The big surprise awaited me broke all records and could not believe my eyes – my car was not where I parked and where it is now disabled parking – disabled parking marked the same place where I parked.”

“Needless to say, the disabled parking was not there when I looked (it was a blue and white) and I refused to believe it. I called my friend who was with me when parking the vehicle, trying to make sure that I was crazy or became senile, and is confirmed we parked blue and white.
I rang up the city council line, asked what to do, and he guided me great on how to login to the municipality website and fill out a form with the request. I told him it does not make sense I need to pay 350 NIS for towing costs and tried to convince me that there is no other choice (of course there is, but whatever the municipality to make us easy money).”

“Suddenly, in the middle of the conversation I realized theres a chace that they gave me a ticket too, I really believe it may be that prescribed penalty, they saw I parked blue and white, what the heck? Called together with dispatcher conference call to the parking Dolphinarium (which dragged the car) . well as where the service was great (which included a lot of yelling mean little we could talk) and if so far I could not believe what was happening to me I was told that there was a report on parking in handicapped parking lot, the amount of NIS 1,000!’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back. thanked him for the wonderful service and I hung up.”

“The next morning I went to the office building in front of my house (and front where now there is a handicapped parking), to find out whose car park and when they did it. Fortunately, perhaps very long, I discovered that there are security cameras in the building. A security company was very nice and agreed to show me the footage I found in here.”
“Citizens, residents and dear friends – click Play. Just to see and believe. Cry or laugh. While vehicles parked blue and white, come two municipal employees and mark around the handicapped parking! Asap also changed the color from blue to white to gray sidewalk. Way. Simply. Within 5 minutes made me break the law. Just bullying and contempt never seen before in the Tel Aviv municipality. After all, there’s two employees! None of them noticed the car over there? Could not pick up a second phone? Alert? Of course not. Because what do they care? They just came to work.”

“Vehicle was there for two hours, parked in the driveway disabled, until it was increasing “pearl on.” This gem, clever distinguished, which commands the Yehuda Halevi Street every day (and I know this because I already have a number of reports increased) also did not flinch. Six enforce the law and do his job. Mrs. bright pearl in, have you second think? After all, you know the street as your hand. You know the disabled parking was not there the day before worked. But no. Municipality reward the inspectors vacations and benefits, the more money in the pot better. Hope. We write another report and is also called the tow truck. It just came to work.”

“So far, H”abira my “amounts to NIS 1350. Way., Without blinking. Every one coming, did his job, and took a moment to exercise discretion., But who cares? Main Tel Aviv municipality we sucked some more Blood and pocket. luck many many that I have the photos, I do not want to think about the people who happened to have a similar case and should now go to prove their innocence without any proof. municipality them criminals. them thieves. them criminals city residents on every day with Array controllers and your systems services and departments. you have built a bureaucracy that each role to steal our money and wear us out. them do not enforce any laws, you create scenarios aiming to commit a crime who keeps car in this city. with amounts illogical, with employees frustrated crime to call them “providers Service “, with a lot of energy input on how to make us miserable.”

“I’m not going anywhere, and for a moment, and not to rest and relax. I will open proceedings on the injustice and anguish, but above all for your transgressions. And I also read for anyone who reads this post to send it on, not to remain silent if a similar incident happened to you, just do not give up. Anyone who knows a journalist / broadcaster / media person who could be interested in it Please tag. It’s time we wake up and stop this madness called “the municipality – for you non-stop”

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