Central PA travelers still headed north despite blizzard

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Amtrak has suspended service between New York City and Boston ahead of a blizzard expected to slam New England Friday night into Saturday.

Locally though, routes haven’t been affected and people from Central Pennsylvania are still heading north.

That includes Adam and Natonia Samchuck of York, who were at the Lancaster Amtrak station to travel to New York City, where forecasters are predicting at least a foot of snow.

“It was an opportunity for a long weekend and kind of a couple’s getaway with my husband, so when you have a chance for that you have to take that up, even if there’s a little snow in the forecast,” said Natonia Samchuck.

Though we’re not expecting blizzard like conditions here, for those planning on hitting the road the weekend, a AAA spokeswoman said even the smallest amount of wet weather could cause issues.

“Realize that the weather conditions are changing,” said Dorie Weik, public affairs coordinator for AAA Central Penn. “Slow down and make sure that you have plenty of room in front of your vehicle because that’s the space that you can keep control of.”

As for the Samchucks, they said they’re prepared to stay up in the Big Apple if they must.

“We brought our boots so we have an extra bag,” Adam Samchuck said. “We’ll see what it’s like.”

“New York is kind of romantic in the snow,” added Natonia Samchuck.

Amtrak is keeping passengers updated on its website and Twitter account @AmtrakNEC.

Any passengers affected by service cancellations can get a refund or a voucher for future travel.