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Event brings heart patients together

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Penn State Hershey Heart and Vascular institute hosted a celebration for several patients who are living with a left ventricular assist device (LVADS).

An LVAD takes the place of a person’s left ventricle and helps the heart pump the blood throughout the body.

The device allows these patients to do some activities they might not otherwise be able to do like playing golf and other forms of exercise.

The institute currently has 48 active LVAD patients.

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  • ThomasMartin

    I think this is great! I received an LVAD in June of 2010, saving my life and restoring my health to the point I could look at and persue a path to restoring my heart. I read and worked obsessively, finding answers. After one year with my LVAD, my heart function had recovered enough that my doctors suggested removing the LVAD. The surgery was performed three months later. I have written a book about my journey and path to recovery and now speak to various groups on the LVAD and alternative approaches to healing. My number one message is that “THERE ARE ALWAYS OPTIONS” to restoring health.

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