Penn State defends Freeh Report

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The following is a statement issued by Penn State University in response to an investigation released Sunday by the family of Joe Paterno:

“In November 2011, the Penn State Board of Trustees appointed former FBI director and federal Judge Louis Freeh to conduct an independent investigation of the University’s response to the allegations of sexual abuse committed by former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. The goal of this investigation was to uncover facts and identify where failures occurred in the University’s governance and compliance structure and to make recommendations to help ensure that such failures never happen again. This was an internal investigation into Penn State’s response to the allegations.

It was not within the scope of Judge Freeh’s engagement to review the actions, motives or functions of entities outside of our University community. This was an internal investigation into Penn State’s response to the allegations, and that is how the University has utilized the report.

As a result of the investigation, 119 recommendations were made to Penn State in areas such as safety and governance. To date, the University has implemented a majority of those recommendations, which are helping to make the University stronger and more accountable. The University intends to implement substantially all of the Freeh recommendations by the end of 2013.

It is understandable and appreciated that people will draw their own conclusions and opinions from the facts uncovered in the Freeh report.”


  • Darly

    Hmm, an internal investigation, yet PSU shared the results with the NCAA and, it appears, the rest of the world. ???????????

  • PSU&Paternoframed4$

    The GJR leak was misleading and had known lies in the report?
    Why did Corbett take campaign contributions from second mile?
    Why did Corbett vote to fire Paterno?
    Shouldnt Corbett have been fired for not picking up Sandusky in 2008?
    From 2007 to 2010 what were the crooked BOT members planning? were they being influenced by Surma? who we now know Surma was out to get Paterno?
    Its very clear the BOT led by Surma and Corbett> drove the narrative by firing Paterno,then taking down the statue,then they pay Freeh a HUGE amount of $ for what looks like a couple of hours of a BOT members work,which then blames Paterno and PSU?_Its like huhh?
    Why are the BOT allowed to tell the world that Paterno did it by giving friends millions of $ to write phony reports?
    Why did BOT member Surma insist that they not let Paterno speak to the media?
    Did replacing Spanier with Erciksson give crooked BOT members two more votes?
    VERY IMPORTANT> did any Board Of Trustee members or their affiliated companies or friends benefit financially from the Sandusky Scandal? _If yes> then who and why?

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