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Governor Corbett directs state resources to help with blizzard response

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snowGovernor Tom Corbett today announced that following a request for assistance from the state of Connecticut, he quickly directed PennDOT to mobilize crews and equipment to help citizens of that state recover from one of the worst blizzards in recent memory.

“Our neighbors in Connecticut are struggling with closed roads, power outages and dwindling supplies of perishable goods – when the call came in for help, we quickly responded,” Corbett said. “I’m proud of our employees who will be working long hours and spending time away from their own families to help others in need.”

PennDOT crews from Somerset and Tioga Counties left late in the evening on Saturday, Feb. 9 and crews from Montour and Columbia Counties left early on Sunday, Feb. 10.

PennDOT has sent three massive snow blowers, three tractor trailers (to haul the snow blowers), three crew cab trucks, several equipment operators, several foremen and a mechanic. Those crews are working to clear roads in parts of Hartford, Farmington and Meriden, Conn.

The governor also directed the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to mobilize crews and equipment to assist residents in Massachusetts following their request for assistance. That request was later cancelled by Massachusetts when they were able to free up resources from a nearby state.

PennDOT expects their teams to return to Pennsylvania later this week.


    • BOB

      Stop being a selfish prick. For once our tax money is being used in a responsible way and on our own soil. Being invested in our own country and for our people. You should be grateful your not stuck up there asking for help. I AM HONORED MY TAX DOLLARS ARE BEING USED IN THE HELP OF OUR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN AND WOMEN !

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