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Accused cop killer, Chris Dorner, found dead in burned cabin

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Courtesy: KTLA-TV

BIG BEAR — An LAPD official has confirmed to KTLA that a body found inside a burned out cabin in Big Bear is believed to be that of accused cop-killer Christopher Dorner.

Authorities are in the process of removing his body from the cabin.

The fugitive former officer had been holed up in the cabin for several hours on Tuesday afternoon.

At one point, police broke windows, pumped in tear gas and blasted a loud speaker urging Dorner to surrender.

When they got no response, police deployed a vehicle to rip down the walls of the cabin “one by one, like peeling an onion,” a law enforcement official said.

By the time they got to the last wall, authorities heard a single gunshot, the source said.

Then flames began to spread through the structure, and gunshots, probably set off by the fire, were heard.

A tall plume of smoke was rising from the area where the standoff occurred.

Hundreds of law enforcement personnel swooped down on the site near Big Bear after the gun battles between Dorner and officers that broke out in the snow-covered mountains where the fugitive had been eluding a massive manhunt since his truck was found burning in the area late last week.

Law enforcement personnel in military-style gear and armed with high-powered weapons were involved in a tense standoff after Dorner took refuge in the cabin Tuesday afternoon.


  • Marcus H.

    Typical way to get out the easy way! This stupid coward had to take one more life before he ended up killing himself. I hope he rots in hell for all eternity!

    • Anotherandomvoice

      Get out easy?
      Have you been paying attention at all to everything going on with this series of events?
      For whatever reason, be it conspiracy or blood lust, the police had no intention of taking him alive.
      The stories of them shooting at three innocent people without even bothering to identify (or shooting at them after identifying) them make that clear.
      From what I'm hearing, the fire was set by police who then kept whoever was inside from getting out.
      No. He didn't kill himself. He was murdered instead of being taken into custody to stand trial for the murders he committed and share whatever knowledge he may or may not have had.

      • The Plain Truth

        He deserved whatever he got. Why should another officer's life have been forfeited to take him alive, when he swore to kill as many of them as he could? He was a lunatic who murdered innocent people because he couldn't accept the reality that he was an utter failure. I hope he rots in hell, and got a good taste of the flames before he expired in total agony!

    • bothsides

      i wonder if the cop that kicked and assaulted the handicapped person is having sleepless nights or just enjoying all the overtime pay involved in the cover up. The L.A.P.D. couldn't deal with Dorner's honest behaviour towards the public and decided to fire him. They screwed with the wrong person this time.

  • daveycr

    "Earlier, we reported that U.S. Marshals Service district chief Kurt Ellingson told us a suspect TRIED to GET OUT the back door of the cabin at some point today and was PUSHED BACK inside. But there are now conflicting reports about whether the suspect ever emerged" — CNN

  • Tonya

    Ever since I first heard about this war between Chris and the LAPD , it saddened me….Today while in my Spanish class I heard about the freeways being closed due to a stand off. I definitely have been following the latest news every 5 minutes since it begun what a week ago. I feel sad for everyone involved. We are all a product of the society we live among . The power elite has total control over us. They tell the media what to say and not say , so in regards to that we will never know the real truth. I do believe chris may have been treated unfairly but him and others should know that justice will never be served since we don't hold the power like they do. In addition, his behavior surly isn't normal .May all the innocent victims rest in peace.

  • No name

    Some people are only focused on the "bad things " he did but don't realize the message he's trying to send out . Some just won't understand .

    • The Plain Facts

      People understand EXACTLY what he was: A malcontented racist who could not come to terms with the fact that he had been rightfully booted off the LAPD force, and decided to murder innocent people to get his name in the papers. I hope he cooked for a while before he died!

      • Sassy45

        I don't think race has anything to do with this there are several police officers that has been accurately pegged as racist but that does not justify the right to kill a killer, he like anyone else should have been tried in the court of law and I'm not trying to make him out to be a good guy but we dont know any of these people reasoning why they go out and kill innocent people, It's sad what he did and even worse that we loss innocent individuals do to a fire that was set by the LAPD…Chris Dorner should have been made to suffer the consequence of his action alone…

  • truth

    To bad this looser had to take one more life before he took the cowards way out. At least he saved us millions of dollars paying for some ridiculous trial and housing this scum for life since California doesn't like to deal with murderers. 4 good people died at the hands of a lunatic at least it is over and we can all move on. i know people have fallen on hard times but going on shooting sprees solves nothing.

  • The Wise

    He was a psychopath who deserved to die. All of the "Dorner fans" should take a look a look in the mirror, and hopefully get some some help. Maybe you won't end up one of the weakest, as he did.

  • Malcum XXX

    they all lie, Malcum, Al, Jessie, Martin Luger Jr. and barrack obamma, doner was a wantabee, now he is a gone a bee

  • Real Cop

    To bad so much time and money was wasted on this idiot, he was violent out of control nut, who now thank goodness is dead. Otherwise, us that work, would have to pay for expensive courts, lawyers, and prisons. He was gutless and a coward, I hope he suffered as he cooked!

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