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Owner of a Local Car Dealership Charged with Fraud

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

State Police are charging the owner of Auto Exchange USA in Lancaster, Joshua Berney, with fraud, theft and impersonating a Notary, and misuse of dealer plates.  Investigators say Berney sold cars to people without paying off existing loans or notifying the dealership’s floor planner of the sale.  Instead, they say he kept cash down payments and finance checks.  As a result, titles weren’t released to buyers or the financing company that approved the purchase.

Police also say Berney assigned state imposed fees that should have been used to transfer the title of the vehicle and /or register the vehicle.  The costs he charged were illegal due to the fact he is not a Notary or authorized to impose those fees by the state and were more than what the state would charge.  Subsequent to the sale of a vehicle, a Notary or authorized agent will normally issue a temporary registration.  Investigators say Berney illegally issued dealer registration plats to customers to use.  He also allegedly issued Department of Transportation documents that are only permitted to be completed by authorized agents.  The customer copy of those documents is called the ‘pink slip.’

Berney turned himself into the District Court and was assigned bail.


  • Jim Weber

    Josh Berney is for sure a thief. I know from personal expierience. He has no honor or integrity at all and jail is to good for him.

  • drukpa paris

    There's a lot of crime which they target for a car dealership and synchronizes people who are innocents but we've learn a lesson for this that we should aware for the fraud. Its a part of living that we've been victimize of bad elements for someday. Time will come that each suspects of crime will be punished with their sins.

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