Armed restaurant employee stops would be robber in his tracks

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The tables quickly turned for a armed robbery suspect in Lancaster City after a sub shop employee pulls out a gun and stops the robber in his tracks. The suspect entered Speed’s Sub Shop along the 300 block of East King Street around 10 p.m. on Friday night. He approached the employee behind the counter –told him he had a gun and demanded money.

Instead of complying–the employee pulled out his own gun and pointed it at the suspect. The robber was last seen fleeing the store empty handed.

Police say the suspect was a white male, approx. 20 years old and about 5’11” tall. He was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 717-735-3300.


  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Works out in specific types of situations but not in others, especially if the "good guy with a gun" has a cool head and training. There's much more intelligent conversation to be had about the topic but name-calling and hotheaded rants pegging 100% to the left or 100% to the right always ruin it as it does with all the other controversial topics in our American life.

    I actually like to hear about things like this. However, it could also be a future learning tool for robbers who plan for it. This doesn't sound like a national chain store so the employee probably won't be fired for not just handing over the insured money.

    • Mike

      I think the main thing potential robbers will learn from this is that they might have chosen the wrong profession. Even if a few of them DO decide to escalate their tactics, remember this: there are far more good guys out there than bad guys. If the good guys are as well, or better armed, than the bad guys, eventually the bad guys lose.

      • Response

        I agree it's better for people to have guns. Nonetheless, I feel it's worth pointing out that while there may be more good guys than bad guys, in my life I have seen that good guys are much less likely to act. And of course the bad guys always lose in the end, but it's more important if we can get them to lose before they actually kill/injure anyone. Like I said, having guns will help this, but it's not going to fix it in every case.

        • Mike

          I'm going to venture a guess that most of those good guys were, well, sheep. The government has bee busy turning us into a nice compliant herd of 'em. After all, it's easy to take stuff from sheep… it's the sheepdogs and the wolves that won't let go without a fight.

    • Rick

      Yes, it could turn out to be a learning tool for robbers. They just might learn that people are fed up with being victims and that it's safer to get an honest job. Seems to be working pretty well in the places with the least amount of gun restrictions. Those with the most on the other hand are finding they live in places that are more dangerous than war zones and unless they violate the laws against their second amendment rights they don't any have a way to defend themselves. Oh, I forgot they can call the police. Better tell the criminals to hang on for 20 or 30 minutes to wait for them to get there,

  • melvon

    The second amendment is not your right to own arms and ammo, It's your responsibility to arm yourself as a member of the state ( where you live) militia.

    • MSK

      You are wrong. The Supreme Court confirms that the second amendment is the guarantee of the individual right (not reserved solely for the National Guard), not only to own firearms, but also to bear (carry) them.

      The purpose of the second amendment was so that the citizens could defend themselves against their own government. It might be useful for you to read an old history book (one that hasn't been revised by the Left).

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