Man drunk-dials 911, asks police for ride home

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A Cumberland County man is cited after police say he drunk-dialed 911 to get a ride home from officers. Nicholas Patrick Cromley, 44, of East Pennsboro Township called 911 asking for police assistance on Feb. 11

When an officer arrived at his location–Cromley told investigators he decided to call police for a ride home after a family member declined to pick him up.

The officer took Cromley home and cited him forĀ  Public Drunkenness.


  • bird

    Wow, Police always preach about not wanting people to drive drunk. At least this guy had the nerve to call for help. I find it ridiculous that the police would charge him.

  • ....

    but if they start giving one person a ride then everyone is going to think they can get one and he should of been responsible enough to figure out how he was getting home before he got drunk…cops have so much more important stuff to do then take an irresponsible drunk home

    • K.L.

      REALLY Like there is SOOOO much crime in Cumberland County that they couldn't take this guy home, at least he asked for help and it sounded like he had a plan but the person who was supposed to help him backed out. AND just HOW do they justify Public Drunkeness when he must have been at a bar or a club if thats the case then everyone should beware as they could just walk in a bar and cite everyone there. He was not disturbing others or creating a scene..Just another way for the cops to make money for the county… such a shame, so much for the OATH they take to SERVE>>>>>

  • Marie

    he did not have to be charged. He knew he was unable to drive himself home and called for help. By doing that he not only saved his own life but possible the lives of other people on the roads. If he had been driving at least. One bar in our area actually has a car they use to take customers home if they are too drunk to go by themselves. Personally, I would rather see the bar charged for letting him get that way in the first place.

  • Sal

    The responsible thing to do would have been call a cab . Maybe misuse of 911 although Public drunkenness was un-needed charge on the officers part. At least the man called someone and was concerned about not driving. Yes the drinking was irresponsible although it is deemed acceptable in this day and age.. Just sayin!!!!

  • Ashley

    Really instead of drunk driving he does a responsible thing and still gets cited. What is wrong with people. Thank you for calling instead of driving home.

  • cg07

    I totally agree… thank you for calling for a ride home and not driving drunk! I am sorry they sided you! Apparently you have to call a cab because the police are just too busy! I am sure it didn't take too much time for them to take you home – and you could probably have waited if they were busy. Hope you take it to the district justice so at lease someone recognizes the GOOD you did by not driving drunk!!!

  • tommi

    Wow what a shame. This guy couldve easily gotten in his vehicle and killed someone on the way home. Sickening how people get punished for trying to the right thing. Im really starting to question the sense of having state police. This is the second incident in two days where the cops failed to do their acutaul job of protecting the public and upholding the law.

  • Wow

    I'm with everyone else… the person had the decency to know he was too drunk to drive. The cops should have been thrilled he called them instead of gotten behind the wheel of a car! Granted he shouldn't have called 911 but now he might decide he'd rather take his chances driving. Guess it doesn't take brains to be a cop huh?

  • pam leeper

    How stupid, he was smart enough to drive and gets. Cited anyway, bull sh–. Heat least kept someone from being killed or hurt. That’s what wrong with the laws. So now next time he will say screw you. I am proud that he made the call.this is coming from a mom who lost a child to driver being high which is the same as drunk. Cops and law are a real pita

  • Daniel

    First, I would like to commend Nicholas Cromley's conduct. It may have been a simple thing he did right, but he may have saved lives that night by making that decision.

    However, Miss Waltz. Pardon my directness, but could you please get your facts straight when reporting on a story of defamatory nature about our own police forces? As many have already said, their purpose is to serve and protect. There is a law against public drunkenness in the area, and if he was in fact breaking that law, then that is that. It is their duty to give that citation, just as it is Nicholas Cromley's duty to protect his fellow citizens by not driving when drunk. Both parties did the right thing in this situation. I am a student of media, and I am sick tired of reporters like YOU kicking up dirt into the faces of people that do the right thing.

    Fellow citizens, if you have an issue with the law against public drunkenness, by all means, move to get it amended or repealed. It is your duty as citizens of your communities, of your commonwealth, and of your country to have a hand in your democratic lawmaking process.

  • SMH

    How about know your limit and not drink to the point that you are drunk and unable to drive home? That would have been the smart thing to do. Yes he did the right thing by calling for someone to come get him, but misuse of the 911 system is a crime as well. 911 is there for emergencies, drunk people are not emergencies! Getting the wrong food at McDonald's is not an emergency either!

    Come on people, if the cops stopped patrolling the streets to take home drunk people who is going to stop the drunk driver that could have been waiting for them to leave? Of course from the comments, this guy should be rewarded for being drunk and stupid and the cops are the bad guys.

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